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Your Insights & Resources Library for Asia

Asiapedia is a collection of resources based on what we have learned about doing business in Asia. It’s the product of more than 300 team members collaborating across 28 offices in Asia, Europe, and North America.


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Company Types in China - What Are My Options?

Which type of entity should you set up, a 'Representative Office', a 'WFOE', 'FICE', or perhaps a Joint Venture or other entity type? We discuss these and more..

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How to Setup a Business in China

Consider pre-establishment factors and how to choose a location, plus learn about the corporation establishment steps, ownership issues and the key positions which must be held.

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How to Do Business in China Without an Entity

Global Staffing Solutions can help to speed up your international business and market entry strategy, with a suite of services such as PEO, offshore recruitment, and immigration services for your international staff.

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Opening a Bank Account

When opening an FIE in China, two or more bank accounts must be opened with a China or international banking institution - each has advantages. Opening an account at times seems complex but is manageable. There are also COVID-19 special workaround policies.

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