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A Guide to IT Nearshoring in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine


In this issue:

  • An Overview of Nearshoring
  • Russia, Belarus and Ukraine as markets for IT services
  • Recruiting IT specialists in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine
  • Three main elements of a high quality IT-infrastructure
  • The Importance of Data Protection
  • Q&A IT Nearshoring

India is well known for its great IT-experts and has been the leader already for a very long time in offering opportunities in IT-offshoring. This business model worked very well for all involved. However, other countries are catching up, and some of them provide a similar or even more favorable environment.

Russian speaking countries offer excellent conditions for IT-projects. This generally concerns not only programmers, but also other experts, such as project managers in IT, who are widely regarded to be highly qualified and good team players. We are also hearing more opinions expressing high satisfaction with the communication capabilities of IT-teams in Russian speaking countries. Indeed, language skills, intercultural experience and understanding of Western needs are well developed in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. In fact, of the Russian speaking counties, these three in particular have the most developed IT-landscape. For Western Europeans, these countries are easily accessible and thus for them we can truly speak.

This issue of Russia Briefing shows how you can benefit from these advantages. It is not only Russia that is trying hard to attract more investors for localization and production set up in order to create new jobs, Belarus and Ukraine are doing the same. All three countries are taking different approaches and, so far, have had limited success. However, the IT-industry can be a real job creation machine and all involved can benefit. 

SCHNEIDER GROUP staff in Russia compiled the content of this magazine.

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