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Establishing Business in Russia


This inaugural issue of our new Russia Briefing title brings the compliment of BRIC nation titles and web sites under the umbrella of our Asia Briefing publishing business to three of the four. Indeed, the three nations we now cover, China, India and Russia, have shared interests and a long trilateral history and trade relations.

In this issue of the magazine, we examine how to set up in Russia, from comparing and contrasting representative offices with branch offices and subsidiary companies, to detailing how to go about financing a startup company. We also take a look at Russia’s taxation system, the tax rates that are applicable to foreign investors and the current reforms that the government has introduced. Finally, accounting and bookkeeping is an important part of any business and so we review some typical startup tax issues that businesses face when establishing a presence in Russia.

In this Issue:

  • Russia’s Economic Development
  • Establishing Branch Offices and Representative Offices
  • Establishing Subsidiary Companies
  • Financing Startups in Russia
  • Russia’s Taxation System


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