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The Gateway to ASEAN: Singapore Holding Companies


In this issue:

  • Why Singapore: An Introduction to Singapore Holding Companies
  • Singapore’s Tax Treaties: Your Ticket to Developing Asia
  • Establishing a Holding Company
  • Expert Commentary: Singapore Holding Companies’ Edge in ASEAN

In a global economy dominated by industrial powers, the city-state of Singapore has carved out its competitive niche as a destination for regional headquarters, branch offices and holding companies. Featuring one of the most stable and business-friendly legal and tax regimes in the world, Singapore has long been the preferred location for foreign investors seeking to establish a holding company to pursue investments through the ASEAN region, China and India. 

In this issue of Asia Briefing Magazine, we highlight and explore Singapore’s position as a holding company location for outbound investment, most notably for companies seeking to enter ASEAN and other emerging markets in Asia. We explore the numerous FTAs, DTAs and tax incentive programs that make Singapore the preeminent destination for holding companies in Southeast Asia, in addition to the requirements and procedures foreign investors must follow to establish and incorporate a holding company.

As ASEAN inches ever-closer to economic integration in the ASEAN Economic Community next year, Singapore’s imperative role as the de facto financial and commercial capital of Southeast Asia will be unassailable. Foreign investors should closely observe and anticipate Singapore and ASEAN’s ascension to the forefront of economic progress and development in Asia.


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