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Vietnam's Provinces, Regions and Key Economic Zones


In this issue: 

  • A Look at the 2012 Vietnam Provincial Competitiveness Index
  • An Update on Vietnam’s 3 Key Economic Zones
  • Comparison of Vietnam’s Eight GSO-Defined RegionsWhile not a large country in terms of area, Vietnam’s longitudinal breadth and variations in terrain allow the country to utilize its topographical advantages to simultaneously support a wide range of industries.

Vietnam’s can generally be geographically divided on three levels: provincially, regionally (according to the eight regions defined by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam) and in terms of the three Key Economic Zones (Northern, Central and Southern) defined by economic development plans launched in 2004.

In this issue, we’ll discuss the industries and economy of Vietnam’s three levels of geographic divisions from the perspective of a potential foreign investors.


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