Adam Pitman

Adam Pitman, Dezan Shira & Associates Alumni

Country of Origin: USA
Title: Managing Editor
Division: Editorial
Office: New Delhi Office
Languages: English

Adam Pitman is the Managing Editor for Asia Briefing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dezan Shira & Associates (DSA) that reports on business news and developments across Asia. He also serves as Director, Special Projects for DSA.

Based in Asia since 2009, Adam has managed regional editorial desks for consultancies in both the Philippines and India. His areas of expertise include international business, emerging markets, due diligence, business intelligence, and publications.

Prior to joining DSA, Adam served as a corporate investigations director in South Asia for a global consulting firm. He previously managed intelligence operations in the Philippines for a Southeast Asia-based business risk consultancy, and managed other similar roles in India. 

Adam has served a variety of public and private sector clients, including multilaterals and NGOs as well as Fortune 500s and SMEs. He has managed an array of intelligence-led market entry and compliance assignments, as well as security, economic, and political risk assessments. 

Adam holds MSc in Comparative Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and BA in International Politics from Middlesex University, UK. He is a native of the state of Minnesota in the US.




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