Alexander Chipman Koty

Alexander Chipman Koty

Country of Origin: Canada
Title: Associate Managing Editor
Office: Shanghai Office
Languages: English, French

Alexander contributes to Editorial and Research operations for Asia Briefing in China. He specializes in political and economic analysis, advising companies entering China’s unique and rapidly changing business environment.

His work as an editor and analyst includes producing business intelligence and commentary for open-source and subscription publications on the China Briefing and ASEAN Briefing websites, magazines, business and tax guides, and special issue reports. He provides editorial support and management across Asia Briefing’s various regional platforms.

Alexander has also managed China-based business intelligence projects, and tracks legal and regulatory developments that are of interest to foreign investors and multinational companies.

Prior to joining Dezan Shira, Alexander studied Honors Political Science at the University of British Columbia. Upon graduation, he was named UBC’s most outstanding graduate in Political Science, and his thesis was published in the UBC Journal of Political Science. He has also held roles in family law and wealth management.


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