Weihai is situated on the northeastern coast of China in Shandong province. It is the closest city in China to South Korea and Japan and was a British Treaty Port in the late 19th Century as well as a military base for the British Royal Navy.


  • Area: 5797 km2
  • Population: 2,805,600 
  • GDP: USD 37,562 million 


  • Minimum monthly wage: RMB 1240 
  • Minimum hourly wage: RMB 13
  • Avg. monthly house price (purchase): RMB 5,321/m2
  • Avg. monthly house price (rent): RMB 14,52/m2


Weihai International Airport was opened in 1992 solely for military use and was not open for public use until 2004. It is 40km from the city centre and serves both internal and international flights toSeoul and Taipei.  


As far as shipping is concerned, Weihai is the fastest route to South Korea and Japan. Consequently, Weihai makes up one of China’s deep ice free ports. It can handle 20,000 tonne ships carrying coal and containers sailing from Weihai to South Korea, Japan and Dalian and is protected by Liugong Island which serves as a barrier when storms hit the coast.  


The city has two railway stations: Weihai Railway Station and Weihai North Station. Weihai Railway Station is located in the city’s Economic and Technological Development Zone and runs to Beijing, Jinan and Wuhan. The North Station not only has routes to Beijing, but also to Shanghai, Yantai and Rongcheng as of December 2014.


There are two main highways which pass through Weihai linking it to other cities in Shandong province including Yantai to the west and Qingdao to the south.

Weihai is an important destination for overseas investment into the Chinese economy especially for South Korea and Japan. It is known as China’s most hygienic and environmentally friendly city. Every year millions of RMB is invested into infrastructure, agriculture and high tech products in each of the development zones - Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone and Weihai Export Processing Zone.   

Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone

Approved by the State Council as a national level development zone on October 21 1992, the zone covers an area of 198km2. US $149,380,000 (1400 million RMB) has been invested into infrastructure in the zone.

Agriculture also plays an important role in the zone. Every year tens of thousands of tons of grain and meat are produced in the Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone.  

There are also 45 high tech companies with an output value of US $1,962,213,000 (18390 million RMB).  

Weihai Export Processing Zone

Approved by the State Council on April 27 2000, Weihai Export Processing Zone is situated inside the ETDZ. Its main focus is on exports to South Korea and covers an area of 2.6km2. Various major projects have been initiated here, including US $11,400,000 of Korean investment into an electronics company.  


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