Compendium of China’s Media Landscape

Published: July 2016

How can foreign companies market their products in China? How to establish and hone a reputation? One key to achieving this is to understand China’s media system. The "Compendium of China’s Media Landscape" by media intelligence provider UNICEPTA offers the first real insights into how the Chinese stay informed and up-to-date, what the main online, social and print media are - and what basic rules Western companies should consider in their communication.

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  • No. of Pages: 130 pages

Western firms face numerous challenges when it comes to professional communications in China. Due to various political, economic and cultural factors that are unique to this market, media activities take on an added level of complexity. Foreign firms therefore frequently avoid Chinese media, passing up major opportunities for growth. This compendium by media intelligence provider UNICEPTA offers a comprehensive overview of China’s media landscape and presents clear advice for media activities. In addition, it details the most significant latest developments, framing them within their media context. It also presents the major media sources in detail. 

UNICEPTA Medienanalyse GmbH is a leading global provider for monitoring, media analysis, research competence and communication consulting services. With offices around the world, e.g. in Shanghai, the media analysis company supports SMEs as well as large corporations when it comes to their communication strategy.

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