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Silk Road and OBOR Business Intelligence

Published: May 2017

Dezan Shira & Associates´ Silk Road and OBOR investment brochure offers an introduction to the region and an overview of the services provided by the firm. It is Dezan Shira´s mission to guide investors through the Silk Road´s complex regulatory environment and assist with all aspects of establishing, maintaining and growing business operations in the region.

Assisting Foreign Investors into Russia

Published: May 2017

Dezan Shira & Associates´ Russian investment brochure offers an overview of the services provided by the firm – both foreign investment into Russia and Russian investment into Asia. It is Dezan Shira´s mission to guide investors through Russia´s complex regulatory environment and assist with all aspects of establishing, maintaining and growing business operations in the region.

Introducción: Hacer Negocios en China 2017

Published: May 2017

La guía Hacer Negocios en China 2017 está diseñada para introducir los fundamentos de la inversión en China. Compilada por los profesionales de Dezan Shira & Associates, esta guía es ideal, no sólo para las empresas que buscan entrar en el mercado chino, sino también para las empresas que ya cuentan con una presencia en el país y quieren mantenerse al día con las novedades más recientes y relevantes.

An Introduction to Doing Business in ASEAN 2017

Published: March 2017

Doing Business in ASEAN introduces the fundamentals of investing in the 10-nation ASEAN bloc, concentrating on economics, trade, corporate establishment and taxation. We also include the latest development news in our “Important Updates” section for each country, with the intent to provide an executive assessment of the varying component parts of ASEAN, assessing each member state and providing the most up-to-date economic and demographic data on each. Additional research and commentary on ASEAN’s relationships with China, India and Australia is also provided.

E-Commerce in Asia

Published: July 2016

As the digital revolution transforms shopping habits worldwide, emerging markets in Asia stand out as enormous opportunities for foreign investment. Rising internet penetration, a growing consumer base, and rapidly developing logistics infrastructure contribute to burgeoning e-commerce activity in all three of China, Vietnam, and India. Accessing these markets is complex, however, making it essential to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of various entry models and how they help or hinder access to target demographics and future growth. This report outlines the e-commerce markets in China, Vietnam, and India and offers guidance on establishing a presence in these vibrant regions.

Transfer Pricing in China

Published: January 2016

When a business transaction occurs between businesses that are controlled by the same entity, the price is not determined by market forces, but by the entity controlling the two businesses. This is called transfer pricing. Such transactions can serve as a tool for finance and tax planning. For instance, China's foreign currency control regulations only allow one dividend issuance to a foreign entity a year. Moving funds out of China by using inter-company transactions can then offer a solution. In this report on transfer pricing, we discuss what types of transactions foreign investors can use to shifts funds in this way.

Company Deregistration in China

Published: November 2015

Closing down a company requires both time and cost – simply walking away might seemingly save the investor these expenses in the short term. However, for investors with a future perspective on doing business in China or looking to close potentially significant liabilities, deregistering properly will pay off in the long term. With the option of doing future business in China at stake, it is beneficial for a company to carry out its deregistration in the prescribed manner. This report provides a step-by-step guide to the deregistration process.

Upgrading Your China Business

Published: July 2015

Representative Offices in China are not permitted to trade and cannot have their own import-export licenses. In this report we discuss why foreign companies in China increasingly choose to move away from Representative Offices (ROs) and open up Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises (WFOEs) and Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprises (FICE) that permit them to import and export directly, sell to China, and claim back VAT and other expenses. If you considering upgrading to full buying and selling status in China, or looking at changing your RO to a WFOE or FICE, this report is for you.

Payroll in Asia 2015

Published: June 2015

Payroll covers all aspects of paying a company’s employees. This includes making sure that salaries are paid in the correct amount and on time, that income tax is withheld, and that social security contributions are made. With a region as fast-paced and dynamic as emerging Asia, regulations affecting payroll change quickly. If one does not closely follow these developments, it’s easy to miss an update and suddenly fall out of compliance. This report presents outsourcing payroll as a solution.

The Gateway to ASEAN: Singapore Holding Companies

Published: March 2014

In this issue of Asia Briefing Magazine, we highlight and explore Singapore’s position as a holding company location for outbound investment, most notably for companies seeking to enter ASEAN and other emerging markets in Asia. We explore the numerous FTAs, DTAs and tax incentive programs that make Singapore the preeminent destination for holding companies in Southeast Asia, in addition to the requirements and procedures foreign investors must follow to establish and incorporate a holding company.

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