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  • Asia Briefing News
    In addition to featuring its own exclusive news section covering legal, tax and trade issues affecting business operations across emerging Asia, Asia Briefing News also works as a centralized portal to aggregate the most important business developments going on in the region. Asia Briefing News offers a one-stop-shop for business and regulatory news across China, India, ASEAN and other Asian economies.
  • China Briefing News
    China Briefing News publishes a wealth of business intelligence on the legal, tax, and operational issues going on in China from a practical perspective. This platform is aimed at providing easily understandable, easily accessible, and up-to-date business information pertinent to the foreign investor in China.
  • India Briefing News
    India Briefing News has developed into a premium online resource for foreign investors looking to establish a business in India, or for those parties already operating in the country. Contributed to by investment professionals in India, India Briefing News publishes regular online business news concerning foreign investment in India.
  • Vietnam Briefing News
    Vietnam Briefing News is one of the few available sources for quality legal, tax and investment insights into Vietnam. Vietnam Briefing News publishes a wealth of information through its online business news service.
  • ASEAN Briefing News
    ASEAN Briefing News features business news, regulatory updates and extensive data on ASEAN free trade, double tax agreements and foreign direct investment laws in the region. Covering all ASEAN members (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), ASEAN Briefing News aims to be the premier online source for technical and business information concerning investment and trade with ASEAN countries.
  • provides business news, investment commentary and geopolitical analysis concerning the emerging Asian markets of China and India. The website is dedicated to covering the most important contemporary geopolitical developments of the international policy landscape affecting foreign investment in these two rising superpowers, and the impact the emerging Asian region is having on the global business community.'s goal is to provide analysis of Chinese-Indian relations, as well as timely commentary regarding the interactions of the two countries with other regional powers.


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