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2017 Vietnam Briefing Annual Subscription

Published: February 2017

The 2017 Vietnam Briefing subscription package not only includes a new magazine issue every quarter, but also a technical guide that is scheduled for release in spring 2017. At a RRP of USD 84.95 or 80 credits, this package represents a saving of 30%, or even more if purchased with credits!

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Managing Contracts and Severance in Vietnam

Published: December 2016

While Vietnam’s evolving economic landscape presents significant staffing challenges, a firm understanding of contracting laws and decisive action on the part of human resource managers can effectively safeguard and manage these issues as they arise. In this issue of Vietnam Briefing, we discuss the prevailing state of labor pools in Vietnam and outline key considerations for those seeking to staff and retain workers in the country. We highlight the increasing demand for skilled labor, provide in depth coverage of existing contract options, and showcase severance liabilities that may arise if workers or employers choose to terminate their contracts.

Accounting and Bookkeeping in Vietnam

Published: November 2016

In this issue of Vietnam Briefing, we outline the basic framework of accounting applied in Vietnam and provide guidance on how to ensure compliance. We discuss existing Vietnamese accounting standards, highlight differences between Vietnamese and international accounting standards, and provide expert insight on key areas of compliance in Vietnam.

Remitting Profits from Vietnam

Published: May 2016

In this issue of Vietnam Briefing, we outline existing regulations on remittance and provide guidance on how to ensure compliance in order to repatriate profits in a timely fashion. We highlight relevant government bodies, outline steps required to successfully repatriate returns, and provide expert guidance on carrying losses.


2016 Vietnam Briefing Magazine Annual Subscription

Published: February 2016

For readers who are more interested in a specific country within the ASEAN region, our Vietnam Briefing magazine may be the choice for you. Our 2016 topics focus on finance and accounting including profit repatriation, audit and compliance, and staff administration. Subscription includes 6 magazine issues (4 regular issues and 2 special editions) + Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2016, released in February 2016. Upon publication, you will receive these directly to your inbox.

Annual Audit and Compliance in Vietnam 2016

Published: January 2016

In this issue of Vietnam Briefing, we address pressing changes to audit procedures in 2015, and provide guidance on how to ensure that compliance tasks are completed in an efficient and effective manner. We highlight the continued convergence of VAS with IFRS, discuss the emergence of e-filing, and provide step-by-step instructions on audit and compliance procedures for Foreign Owned Enterprises (FOEs) as well as Representative Offices (ROs).

Navigating the Vietnam Supply Chain

Published: December 2015

In this edition of Vietnam Briefing, we discuss the advantages of the Vietnamese market over its regional competition and highlight where and how to implement successful investment projects. We examine tariff reduction schedules within the ACFTA and TPP, highlight considerations with regard to rules of origin, and outline the benefits of investing in Vietnam’s growing economic zones. Finally, we provide expert insight into the issues surrounding the creation of 100 percent Foreign Owned Enterprise in Vietnam.

Import & Export in Vietnam: Key Industries & Free Trade Agreements

Published: October 2015

In this issue of Vietnam Briefing magazine, we discuss the key aspects of Vietnam’s import and export landscape, focusing on textiles, telephones and computer products, and automotive parts. We then analyze opportunities for Vietnam among its inclusion in multilateral regional trade blocs, before examining the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement in detail. Finally, we give an overview of the requirements for establishing a trading company in Vietnam.

Investing in Vietnam: Corporate Entities, Governance and VAT

Published: July 2015

In this issue of Vietnam Briefing, we highlight the forms of corporate presence available to foreign investors in Vietnam. We take a look at the country’s system of corporate governance, and discuss how the form of presence a company chooses affects its obligations from a governance perspective. Finally, we examine Vietnam’s VAT and invoice system which, as elsewhere in the region, is tightly controlled.

E-Commerce in Vietnam: Trends, Tax Policies & Regulatory Framework

Published: April 2015

In this issue of Vietnam Magazine, we aim to provide readers with a complete understanding of Vietnam’s e-commerce industry. We begin by highlighting existing trends in the market, paying special attention to scope for foreign investment. We then look at the most common means for online sellers to receive payment in Vietnam, and examine the industry’s tax and regulatory framework. Finally, we conclude by discussing how a foreign retailer can actually establish an online company in Vietnam.

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