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Stay on top of the latest business news from across Asia. Here we bring you a selection of the latest articles on economic, regulatory, tax, HR, and payroll developments published on our respective regional platforms.

China Briefing

Germany’s H1 2023 FDI in China Remains Strong Despite “De-Risking” Strategy

German FDI in China was near record levels in H1 2023, but bilateral trade fell. What does the data tell us about the future of China-Germany trade and investment relations?

Tax Implications for Chinese Permanent Residence ID Card Holders

We discuss the tax residency status of foreigners with a Chinese Permanent Residence ID Card and their tax liability on worldwide income in the country.

Entering China's Infant Formula Market: Regulations, Opportunities, and Challenges

China's infant formula market is expanding thanks to a growing middle class, declining breastfeeding rates, and evolving policies. In this article, we explore strategies for foreign companies to enter and thrive in this market.

China Issues 24 New Measures in Clear Directive to Boost Foreign Investment

New guidelines tackle challenges faced by foreign companies in China in bid to attract foreign capital.

India Briefing

JPMorgan Includes India in Emerging Market Debt Index, Paves Way for Billions in Investments

JPMorgan's inclusion of Indian securities in the GBI-EM index is anticipated to bring in investment flows of US$25-30 billion. The phased inclusion begins June 2024.

Debt Funding in India: Options Available to Foreign Investors, Entrepreneurs

We explain the debt funding options available to foreign companies and investors in India, including onshore and offshore options, and their regulation.

Non-Resident Indians Confident About Investing in India, Cite Better Returns

A survey by a fintech platform has shown that NRIs demonstrate a positive perception of India as a market delivering higher investment returns.

Legal Framework Underway to Establish India’s GIFT City as a Global Accounting Hub

India is working on the legal framework for its first IFSC at GIFT City in Gujarat to enable it to become a global financial center.

Vietnam Briefing

Japanese Crown Prince in Vietnam to Strengthen Bilateral Relationship

Japanese Crown Prince Akishino is currently visiting Vietnam to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with the burgeoning Southeast Asian nation. With this in mind, the Vietnam Briefing takes a look at how the relationship between these two nations has developed with respect to trade and investment.

Vietnamese Coffee Market: A Deep Dive into Its Consumers, Challenges, and Prospects

The Vietnam coffee industry holds opportunities for foreign firms in sourcing, manufacturing, and market retail. Here's where they are.

Vietnam Wellness Tourism: Opportunities for Foreign Investors

In today’s fast-paced world, people are increasingly confronted with stress, environmental changes, and rising epidemics, prompting them to take a proactive approach to caring for their physical and mental well-being. In Vietnam, this industry holds tremendous potential, offering opportunities for individuals seeking holistic experiences that cater to their mind, body, and spirit.

Cloud Services Market in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges

The rapid adoption of cloud services in recent years is aiding digital transformation in Vietnam. As demand for agility, productivity, and storage efficiency grows across all sectors, they push organizations in the country to transform their IT infrastructure, thereby opening up a broad range of opportunities for foreign firms.

ASEAN Briefing

Australia Unveils Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040

Australia’s government announced its ‘Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040’ with the aim to deepen the country’s economic and trade engagements with the region.

Tax Incentive Requirements for Family Offices in Singapore

We demonstrate the key requirements to qualifying for income tax exemption for family offices in Singapore.

Establishing a Family Office in Singapore – Latest Issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine

The latest issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine, titled “Establishing a Family Office in Singapore”, is out now and available to subscribers as a complimentary download.

Singapore’s Data Center Sector: Regulations, Incentives, and Investment Prospects

Singapore is renowned for its highly advanced telecommunications sector, marked by an impressive network infrastructure and exceptional connectivity. Cumulatively, this presents various data center investment opportunities.

Silk Road Briefing

Kazakhstan Launches Export Credit Agency

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Trade and Integration has adopted and sent to the Kazakh Senate a draft law on ratification of the Agreement on the establishment of an Export Credit Agency (ECA) and promotion of the export of non-commodity goods such as works and services. The bill has passed the first reading.

AIIB Opens Operational Branch In The UAE

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has opened an operational office at the Abu Dhabi Global Market, marking its first office outside of China. It was inaugurated by Mohamed Saif Al Suwaidi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) and the UAE’s Alternate Governor on the Board of Governors of AIIB, alongside Luky[.....]

The Central Asian 2023 Heads Of State Summit

Agreements on land transport, trade development, de-dollarisation, healthcare and youth development   The Fifth Consultative Meeting of the Heads of State for Central Asia has just concluded in Dushanbe. Discussions were held between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev also attended the summit. Collectively, the five Central Asian nations have a[.....]

Turkiye Proposes ‘Iraq Development Road’ As Alternative To The G20 Proposed ‘India-Middle-East-Europe’ Route

  By Chris Devonshire-Ellis As we predicted in our analysis of the G20 proposed ‘India-Middle-East-Europe Corridor’ (IMAC), push back against the proposal has already begun. The Turkish President, speaking almost immediately after the G20 summit last week has stated that “There can be no corridor without Turkiye” and that “the most appropriate route for trade[.....]

Russia Briefing

Russians Transfer Assets Worth US$50 billion From Europe to Russia

Mistrust over asset management in Europe is driving investors away While much of the focus on Russian assets in Europe has been on sanctioned properties and frozen bank accounts, there has also been a reaction to the perceived threat to overseas property being held by the EU in particular. Many of the assets and bank[.....]

Putin To Meet Xi At China Belt & Road Initiative Forum In Beijing In October

Russia and China also holding Ministerial level talks in Moscow The Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing next month, the Kremlin has confirmed. Discussions will take place during the backdrop of the Belt and Road Initiative Forum, the first China has hosted for four years. This year marks[.....]

Russia and Bangladesh: Trade and Investments Dynamic

Unrealised potential as Russian clothing manufacturers should look east for textiles By Emil Avdaliani Russia’s turn eastward plays out differently in the relations with developing Asian countries. Most benefit from the Western sanctions imposed on Russia as the latter seeks to alleviate the effects of the unfolding decoupling with the European Union. There are however[.....]

Arctic Northern Sea Route Freight Expected To Achieve 80 Million Tons In 2024

Russia and India cooperating on shipbuilding as NSR route gains importance in India’s energy strategy   Aleksey Chekunkov, the Russian Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, has stated that despite sanctions affecting shipbuilding projects, the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in Russia’s Arctic economic zone is experiencing an unprecedented surge in[.....]

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