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Stay on top of the latest business news from across Asia. Here we bring you a selection of the latest articles on economic, regulatory, tax, HR, and payroll developments published on our respective regional platforms.

China Briefing

Tax Audit in China: A Complete Guide

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to tax audits in China, including typical processes, recent trends, as well as practical case studies.

China's Revised Company Law in Effect from July 1, 2024: Key Details Here

The revised Company Law includes major changes to company capital rules, corporate governance structures, shareholder rights, and liquidation procedures.

China’s Industry Clusters - A Comprehensive Overview

China's industry clusters foster economic growth by enhancing efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness through geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and institutions.

China-Poland Bilateral Relations: Trade and Investment

We discuss China-Poland bilateral diplomatic relations, trade and commercial engagements, tax and multilateral treaties, and the scope of bilateral investment protection.

India Briefing

MCA Steps Up Enforcement Against Non-Compliant Companies in India

The Registrars of Companies (RoCs), part of India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), have ramped up enforcement, issuing 321 orders for alleged Companies Act violations in the June quarter.

GST Council's 53rd Meeting: Key Recommendations

The 53rd GST Council meeting held on June 22, 2024 recommended several measures to lessen the tax and legal burdens on taxpayers in India and facilitate trade. These recommendations will be implemented once the relevant circulars, notifications, or law amendments are issued, which will have legal force.

FDI in India FY 2023-24: Top State and Sector Beneficiaries

We discuss which Indian states and sectors received the most foreign direct investment (FDI) in FY 2023-24 and explain key trends observed. Overall, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka remained top destinations while computer software and hardware and the services remained top sector beneficiaries.

From Recruitment to Retention: India HR Insights for 2024

This issue offers an essential guide for foreign invested firms to attract and retain the best talents in India’s dynamic hiring environment.

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam’s Draft CIT Law: Changes to Incentives and Tax Liability

Vietnam's draft Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Law proposes changes to incentive eligibility, taxation on capital transfers by foreign investors, and aims to address limitations hindering integration with international best tax practices.

Vietnam Considers E-Invoicing for Livestream Sales: Advisory for Businesses

Vietnam wants to update existing regulation to ensure e-invoicing for livestream sales and strengthen tax scrutiny in the e-commerce sector.

Vietnam Government Extends Tax and Land Rental Payment Deadlines in 2024

The Government has issued Decree No. 64/2024/ND-CP, granting tax payment extensions for eligible businesses and organizations.

Foreign Contractor Tax in Vietnam: A Complete Guide

Vietnam’s foreign contractor tax is a withholding tax that may affect your business if you’re working with a Vietnamese company or sub-contractor. Here’s how.

ASEAN Briefing

New Guidelines for Beneficial Ownership Reporting in Malaysia

New guidelines in Malaysia mandate comprehensive reporting of beneficial ownership, enhancing transparency and compliance in corporate governance.

Audit and Compliance in Malaysia: A Guide for Foreign Investors

The Companies Commission of Malaysia is proposing a change to the criteria for audit exemptions.

Singapore and Cambodia Launch Digital Corridor to Boost SME Trade

The Financial Transparency Corridor aims to boost trade and investment between Singapore and Cambodian SMEs by improving data accessibility and credit assessments.

Southeast Asia’s First EV Battery Plant Begins Operations in Indonesia

Indonesia has launched Southeast Asia’s first electric vehicle battery plant, marking a significant milestone in its ambition to become a leading global producer of EV batteries.

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