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Indonesia’s President Becomes First Asian Leader to Visit Ukraine and Russia, Since Conflict


Indonesia's President Joko Widodo became the first Asian leader to visit Ukraine and Russia since the start of the conflict. The President came with a mission to be a peace broker.

Philippines and South Korea to Sign Free Trade Agreement


The Philippines and South Korea are set to sign a free trade agreement which removes tariffs on most products aims to boost bilateral trade.

Smart Cities Cooperation: Indonesia and Finland


As Indonesia pushes ahead with its ambitious smart cities program, we look at the role Finland can play in this initiative.

Thailand, UK Form Joint Trade and Economic Committee


Thailand and the UK have formed a Joint Trade and Economic Committee to explore new opportunities to improve bilateral trade.

The Laos-Vietnam Railway, Boosting Laos’ Ambitions to Become a Logistics Hub


The Laos-Vietnam railway is a proposed railway project aimed to further boost Laos’ ambitions to become a regional logistics hub.

New Requirements for MSME Franchise Holders in the Philippines


The Philippines issued executive order 169 to promote a more equitable and business-friendly environment for MSME franchisees.

Tax & Accounting

Electric Vehicles in Malaysia: Tax Incentives for Owners and Manufacturers


As of January 2022, electric vehicle producers in Malaysia can enjoy a variety of tax incentives, such as tax exemptions for imports, excise, and sales.

Malaysia Enhances Incentives for Businesses Looking to Establish a Principal Hub


Malaysia has enhanced incentives for businesses looking to establish a principal/regional hub in the country.

Thailand Issues Tax Incentives for Investments in Local Startups


We list the eligibility criteria, targeted industries, and tax incentives available for entities or individuals making investments into Thai startups.

Tax Incentives for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Malaysia: How Can Businesses Qualify?


Malaysia will continue to accept applications for tax incentives from pharmaceutical manufacturers until December 31, 2022.

Cambodia Delays Capital Gains Tax to 2024: Impact for Businesses and Individuals


Cambodia has officially delayed its planned implementation of capital gains tax to January 1, 2024.

Laos Issues Tax Obligations for Non-Resident E-commerce and Digital Platform Providers, Joins Other ASEAN Markets


The taxing of non-resident e-commerce and digital players in Laos is part of a continuing trend in ASEAN.

Legal & Regulatory

How to Get a Cybersecurity License in Singapore


The Cybersecurity Authority of Singapore has launched a new licensing framework for cybersecurity service providers. Under the law, cybersecurity vendors must apply for a license for providing such services.

Cambodia’s Law on Investment: What Foreign Investors Need to Know


Cambodia's new investment law aims to increase the country’s competitiveness for foreign investors by modernizing local industries and protecting the rights of investors.

New Requirements for MSME Franchise Holders in the Philippines


The Philippines issued executive order 169 to promote a more equitable and business-friendly environment for MSME franchisees.

Cambodian Companies Now Required to Use National Domain Name


Registered companies in Cambodia are now required to use a local domain name such as .com.kh for their websites and email addresses.

How to Register a Trust in Cambodia?


Cambodia’s Prakas 003 sets out the establishment, function, and registration requirements of trusts in the country.

Labuan Companies Amendment Bill 2022: Key Updates


New provisions in the Labuan Companies Amendment Bill 2022 affect corporate governance and increases the authority of the financial services regulator.


Vietnam’s Timber Industry: Overview, Challenges, and Opportunities for Foreign Investors


Vietnam is one of the world’s largest exporters of timber and timber products. How can the country leverage this industry to enhance economic growth?

Vietnam to Build First Hydrogen Plant, Coal to Still be Dominant Power Source


Vietnam will build its first hydrogen plant, slated to be finished in 2023. However, the country will continue to rely on fossil fuels, especially coal.

Singapore Introduces New Incentives to Encourage Greener Ships


Singapore’s Maritime Port Authority has issued new incentives for Singapore-flagged ships that undertake decarbonization efforts.

Opportunities in Indonesia’s Internet of Things Sector


Indonesia’s Internet of Things market is expected to reach US$30 billion by 2022. Its impact can enhance industrial productivity and reduce operational costs.

Vietnam Electricity Reforms Spark Opportunities for Foreign Investment


Vietnam’s amended Law on Electricity allows foreign investment in the country’s electrical grid to improve energy quality and capacity.

Cambodia’s Border Reopening: Opportunities for Tourism Sector


Cambodia’s border reopening is a boost to its tourism industry, which is an important contributor to the economy, behind the textile and garment manufacturing sector.

HR & Payroll

Indonesia Makes Changes for the Disbursement of Old Age Security Funds


Employees in Indonesia will not have to wait until the age of 56 to withdraw their JHT / old age security funds. We discuss the new criteria.

Indonesia Ponders Issuing Five Year, Tax Free ‘Digital Nomad’ Visas


Indonesia is pondering whether to issue ‘nomad visas’ to attract digital nomads to work from popular destinations such as the island of Bali.

Malaysia Increases Minimum Wage from May 1, 2022: What are the Implications for Businesses?


Malaysia will increase the national monthly minimum wage from May 1, 2022, by 25 percent from 1,200 ringgit (US$276) to 1,500 ringgit (US$345).

Assessing the Current Human Resources Talent Pool in ASEAN


ASEAN is endowed with a diverse workforce but these are spread across different levels of the developmental spectrum.

Religious Holiday Allowances in Indonesia: Obligations for Businesses


With the upcoming Eid-al Fitr holiday in Indonesia, businesses must pay the religious holiday allowance, also known as Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR).

Vietnam’s Border Reopening: Implications for Businesses


Vietnam has reopened its borders to all international visitors as it looks to revitalize its tourism industry.

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