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An Overview of Swiss Investments in Indonesia


With Swiss investments already spreading across Southeast Asia, it comes as no surprise that Indonesia, a prominent member of ASEAN, has been a key focus for Swiss FDI.

The European Union and Malaysia Sign Partnership and Cooperation Agreement


The European Union and Malaysia's Partnership and Cooperation Agreement can help restart discussions on a future free trade agreement.

Thailand Opens First Digital Free Trade Hub


The Smart Digital Hub will host bonded warehouses storing Chinese products to be sold in Thailand and Thai products to be shipped to Chinese consumers to be sold on Alibaba platforms.

UK-Malaysia 2023 Trade and Investment Trends Showcase a Lack of Interest into ASEAN


While the UK was reducing its overall capital exposure to Malaysia, Malaysia has grown its investments in the UK substantially.

Singapore and South Korea Sign Digital Trade Agreement


Singapore signed a digital trade agreement with South Korea in November 2022 under the Korea-Singapore Digital Partnership Agreement (KSDPA).

ASEAN Economic Outlook 2023


The ASEAN region will remain attractive to foreign direct investment with trends in commercial and state investment likely to remain consistent throughout the year.

Tax & Accounting

Audit and Compliance in Indonesia: A Guide for Foreign Investors


Foreign businesses should focus on Indonesia's Company Law, which dictates the accounting standards companies should adhere to when preparing financial statements.

A Guide to Taxation in Indonesia


Indonesia adopts a worldwide income taxation system, meaning that those considered tax residents pay tax on income they earn in Indonesia.

A Guide to Taxation in Cambodia


A tax resident in Cambodia is someone who domiciles in the country or is in Cambodia for more than 182 days in any 12-month period.

A Guide to Taxation in Singapore


Singapore adopts a territorial basis of taxation and so businesses are taxed only on Singapore-sourced income.

A Guide to Taxation in Thailand


Taxes in Thailand are governed by the Revenue Code, which follows the concept of a self-assessment system.

A Guide to Taxation in Malaysia


Malaysia implements a territorial tax system with residents and non-residents taxed on their Malaysian source income.

Legal & Regulatory

Singapore to Revoke E-meeting Provision for Business Entities from July 1, 2023


Singapore's "alternative arrangements for meetings" that allow organizations to call, hold, or conduct meetings electronically will be removed as of July 1, 2023.

Singapore's Incentives and Schemes to Attract Industry 4.0 Investments, Bolster Innovation Capacity


We list the fiscal and non-fiscal incentives that Singapore offers to encourage the development of high-value and Industry 4.0 activities.

Singapore Launches ESG Impact Hub: What it Means for Green Finance


Singapore recently launched the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) Impact Hub to promote the country’s ESG ecosystem and set global standards for green and sustainable finance.

How to Obtain Halal Certification in Malaysia


Foreign companies looking to obtain a Halal certification in Malaysia must apply to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). JAKIM will then conduct an on-site inspection of the applicant’s premises.

Companies in Singapore Must Now Maintain Register of Nominee Shareholders and Nominators


Singaporean and foreign companies are now obligated to maintain a non-public register of nominee shareholders and their nominators.

Intellectual Property Financing in Indonesia


Indonesia’s GR 24/2022 is a new regulation that allows people and businesses in the creative economy to use their IP assets as collateral for financing from banks.


Singapore and the UK Deepen Cooperation on Fintech and Sustainable Finance


Singapore and the United Kingdom have agreed to deepen bilateral cooperation on fintech and sustainable finance.

Industries to Watch Out for Growth in Southeast Asia in 2023


Despite the prevailing gloomy economic climate, ASEAN remains very attractive to foreign investment, and several industries look to prosper in 2023.

An Introduction to Special Economic Zones in Indonesia


Indonesia has made the development of its special economic zones a priority policy with the aim of attracting over US$50 billion in foreign investment over the next decade.

Philippines Opens Renewable Energy to Full Foreign Ownership


The Philippines has fully opened its renewable energy sector to foreign ownership.

Implementing Industry 4.0 in Singapore's Manufacturing Sector


We discuss the Industry 4.0 opportunities in Singapore’s manufacturing sector, from electronics to pharmaceuticals, and major players,

How Singapore is Poised to Take Advantage of Industry 4.0


Singapore has already embraced Industry 4.0 with its advanced manufacturing steadily moving its production base up the value chain.

HR & Payroll

Thailand Adopts Work from Home Bill: Implications for Employers


Thailand has made an amendment to the Labor Protection Act to offer the same labor rights to remote workers.

Singapore Implements New Scheme to Help Businesses Hire Foreign Workers


Singapore’s M-SEP scheme enables companies to hire foreign S Pass and Work Permit holders above the permitted prevailing quotas.

Indonesia's Public Holidays and Joint Leaves for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Indonesia's public holidays for 2023. This is a comprehensive list of those holidays.

Thailand’s Public Holidays for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Thailand's public holidays for 2023.This is a comprehensive list of those holidays.

Philippines' Public Holidays for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines the Philippines' public holidays for 2023. This is a comprehensive list of those holidays.

Malaysia's Public Holidays for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Malaysia's public holidays for 2023. This is a comprehensive list of those holidays and the states they apply to.

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