Economy & Trade

Singapore-China Bilateral Relations: Trade and Investment Outlook


The evolving trade and investment landscape between Singapore and China showcases enduring cooperation while highlighting emerging challenges.

Singapore's Business Future: Lawrence Wong at the Helm


We analyze Singapore's economic and political landscape under new Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, highlighting both the challenges and enduring strengths that make it attractive to foreign investors.

Navigating Southeast Asia: Maximizing Market Entry Success Through Multi-Country Benchmarking


A multi-country benchmarking study can assist Southeast Asia investors in meticulous assessment of the region's comparative advantages.

Insights into the Philippines' Standing in the 2024 Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index


The Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index 2024 report published by Dezan Shira & Associates provides insights into the factors that influence the manufacturing sector in emerging Asian countries such as the Philippines.

Insights into Malaysia's Standing in the 2024 Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index


The Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index 2024 report published by Dezan Shira & Associates provides insights into the factors that influence the manufacturing sector in emerging Asian countries such as Malaysia.

Insights into Thailand’s Standing in the 2024 Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index


The Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index 2024 report published by Dezan Shira & Associates provides insights into the factors that influence the manufacturing sector in emerging Asian countries such as Thailand.

Tax & Accounting

Thailand Approves Tax Incentives to Boost Domestic Tourism in Low Season


Thailand's government has approved new tax incentives aimed at stimulating domestic tourism during the traditional low season.

Cambodia and Philippines Conclude Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement


Cambodia and the Philippines have concluded negotiations on a double taxation avoidance agreement that will enable the two countries to mitigate the burden of double taxation on businesses and individuals.

Philippines Passes CREATE MORE Act, Proposing Amendments to Tax Incentives


The CREATE MORE bill makes key amendments and enhancements to the tax regime introduced in the CREATE Act.

Navigating Lao E-Commerce: Understanding the Latest Tax Regulations


The Ministry of Finance of Laos issued regulation number 0558/MOF which sets out the latest guidance regarding tax obligations for e-commerce and digital platform providers.

Thailand Bolsters EV Support Scheme to Drive Adoption and Foster Battery Innovation


Thailand’s National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee has approved new measures to support the uptake of e-buses, e-trucks, as well as the establishment of battery bases.

Malaysia’s Sales and Service Tax Increase: What Industries are Impacted?


Malaysia has officially increased the sales and services tax rate from six percent to eight percent, which will impact several industries such as finance and leisure.

Legal & Regulatory

Singapore Designates Nine Entities Critical to National Security Under New Investment Law


Singapore has issued a list of nine entities that are deemed critical to national security under the new Investment Review Act.

New Thai Law Targets Cross-Border Data Flows


Thailand's PDPC issued two regulations on cross-border data transfers which broaden options for companies conducting lawful cross-border transfers.

Navigating ESG Grant Opportunities for Singaporean Businesses


The Singapore government provides an array of grants and incentives to help companies stay consistent with ESG metrics and transform into low-carbon businesses.

Amendments to Singapore's Payment Services Act: Strengthening Oversight and Protecting Consumers


Amendments to the Payment Services Act 2019 (PS Act) passed in 2021, which will take effect six months in phases starting from April 4, 2024.

Understanding Personal Data Protection in Singapore


The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) provides baseline protection for personal data in Singapore.

Vietnam's Legal Framework for Personal Data Protection Initiated


Vietnam announced the development of the Law on Personal Data Protection to bolster data privacy measures and align regulations for a more cohesive framework.


Vietnam's Expanding Halal Export Opportunities


With its diverse agricultural base and growing food processing industry, Vietnam can effectively meet the rising needs of halal consumers worldwide.

China’s Investments in Indonesia: 2024 Outlook


China's investment in Indonesia spans key sectors like manufacturing, transportation infrastructure, renewable energy, and EVs.

Google to Invest US$2 Billion in Malaysia's Data Center and Cloud Market


Google's investment in the Malaysia data center and cloud market signifies a broader trend of tech giants recognizing the Southeast Asia hub.

Starlink Launches in Indonesia, Tapping into Booming Internet Market


SpaceX's Starlink has launched its internet service in Indonesia, aiming to improve internet access to the vast archipelago.

Vietnam and Denmark Strengthen Ties for Sustainable Agricultural Development


Denmark and Vietnam are working to strengthen their collaboration in the realm of sustainable agricultural development.

Vietnam’s Updated Telecommunications Law Takes Effect July 1


Vietnam's updated telecommunication law, designed to align with the current digital economy, will take effect on July 1, 2024. Specific provisions regarding data centers, cloud computing, OTT services, and network number fees will become effective on January 1, 2025.

HR & Payroll

Regional Minimum Wages to Increase Across Vietnam 2024


Vietnam's Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs has proposed a six percent increase in the minimum wage, effective July 1, 2024.

The Guide to Employment Contracts for Foreign Workers in Indonesia


Applying for an employment permit in Indonesia as a foreigner involves several steps and requirements. We provide a detailed guide.

Indonesia Introduces Bridging Visa Policy


Indonesia has introduced a new ‘bridging visa’ policy which enables foreigners to stay in the country while they are processing their resident permits.

Formalized Flexible Work Arrangements to Be Introduced in Singapore from December 2024


Singapore is set to implement new guidelines requiring all employers to have a formal process in place for workers to request flexible work arrangements, starting December 2024.

Indonesia's Minimum Wage Rates for 2024


Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower announced the increase of minimum wages across the country for 2024.

New Salary Criteria for Hiring Foreign Executives in Singapore


Singapore will increase the salary criteria for foreign executives and professionals working in the country from January 1, 2025.

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