Economy & Trade

Belt and Road Investor Intelligence #52


This week, we look at BRI developments in North Europe and Ukraine, China's upcoming plenary sessions in Beijing, and Russian investments in Heilongjiang.

China Coronavirus Updates: Latest Developments and Business Advisory


Our daily updates on the latest events as they occur, together with ongoing advisory on how best to manage your China business exposure during COVID-19.

Understanding the Significance of China's Sixth Plenary Session


In his latest op-ed, Chris Devonshire-Ellis considers key issues that could be discussed at China's 'Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Communist Party Central Committee' in November.

China Makes Cryptocurrency Transactions Illegal: An Explainer


All cryptocurrency transactions in China are considered illegal, including offshore exchanges to provide services to Chinese citizens.

Beijing's Services Sector Opens More Areas to Foreign Investment


China's capital received the green light to further open parts of the Beijing service industry to foreign investment. We discuss what impact this could have on foreign investors.

World's First Desert-Circling Railway "Closed Loop" Expected to Run in 2022


Heruo Railway connects Hetian City in Southern Xinjiang and Ruoqiang County in Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, its last kilometer encircling Taklimakan Desert.

Tax & Accounting

Tax Incentives in China – New Issue of China Briefing Magazine


In this issue of China Briefing magazine, we introduce China's tax incentive schemes in specific regions and special zones, to encourage technology innovation, and for small businesses.

Hong Kong Added to EU Watchlist on Non-Cooperative Tax Jurisdictions


Hong Kong will amend its tax law to comply with EU standards on taxation of passive income, which may impact some foreign enterprises in the city.

How Residence is Defined and its Implications on Individual Income Tax implications in China and the UK: Q&A


We look at how tax residence is determined in China and the UK and what you should do if you are a tax resident of two countries.

China’s Urban Maintenance and Construction Tax: New Regulations in Effect from Sept. 1, 2021


The new regulations on China’s urban maintenance and construction tax clarify the calculation basis and offer an official, consolidated tax framework.

China’s Taxpayer Credit Rating System: An Explainer


We explain China’s taxpayer credit rating system, including how it works and why it is important for foreign enterprises based in the country and doing business in China.

Closing a Business in China: What is the Simplified Deregistration Procedure?


China has introduced simplified deregistration procedures for certain types of enterprises to expedite their business closure and/or market exit.

Legal & Regulatory

PIPL China: Suggestions for Technical Compliance with Personal Information Protection Law


Technical suggestions to build a robust IT system, be PIPL compliant, and stay on top of risk assessment mechanisms.

China Fleshes out Regulation on Industrial and Telecoms Data Security


China has released a new draft regulation clarifying data classification criteria and how firms should handle sensitive industrial and telecoms data.

China’s New Regulation on Market Entity Registration: What Do You Need to Know


We discuss the relaxations in the registration of market entities in China and the provision of suspending business operations without losing license.

How to Review Your Suppliers in China: Key Considerations and Case Study


An overview of managerial considerations to conduct an effective supplier review in China and vetting business partnerships in general.

The Personal Information Protection Law in China: A Legal Analysis


We explain some of the finer legal points of the new Personal Information Protection Law in China, including ways enterprises can prepare to be compliant.

Recommendation Algorithm Regulations – Bolstering China’s Cybersecurity Regime


China’s internet watchdog has released a new set of draft regulations for recommendation algorithms. What do they say and who could be affected?


China’s Vocational Education Reform and Foreign Investment Opportunities


In October, China released new guidelines to promote vocational education. Market access to this sector is being relaxed for foreign investors.

What to Make of the New Regulations in China’s Gaming Industry


China is seriously regulating game time for its minors and is set to crackdown on gaming contents with new red lines being communicated to developers.

More Regulatory Clarity After China Bans For-Profit Tutoring in Core Education


China has banned for-profit private tutoring firms in core education. FIEs in this sector have to stop engaging in such activities and change their business scope accordingly.

Investment Prospects in China's Biopharmaceuticals and Biomaterials Industries


China's biotech industry is courting greater innovation and foreign investments, enabled by regulatory reforms and tax breaks in multiple locations.

Artificial Intelligence in China: Shenzhen Releases First Local Regulations


As a frontier city in the technology industry, Shenzhen’s regulations may be influential in setting national standards for artificial intelligence in China.

Pudong New Area Issues Fresh Guidelines for Growth and Investment


As Pudong faces economic slowdowns and technological bottlenecks, new guidelines propose industry reforms, tax breaks, and market openings.

HR & Payroll

A Guide to Minimum Wages in China in 2021


Minimum wages in China continue to grow. In this article, we offer a guide to minimum wage levels across every region in mainland China.

China Labor Shortage - HR Strategies to Remain a Competitive Employer


Amid the China labor shortage, companies are reassessing their HR and hiring policies and adopting new strategies to remain competitive.

Apprenticeships in China: New Vocational Education Incentives


China has released new incentives to encourage companies to set up apprenticeship programs, as the country seeks to up-skill its workforce.

China’s New Personal Information Protection Law: Impact on Employment Management


We discuss HR responsibilities when processing employees’ personal information during the employment period and offer practical advice for compliance.

Human Resources and Payroll in China 2021-2022 – New Publication from China Briefing


This Special Edition of Human Resources and Payroll in China, updated for 2021-22, covers key compliances related to HR, payroll, data security, and privacy.

“996” is Ruled Illegal: Understanding China’s Changing Labor System


China’s top court has ruled that the “996” overtime work policy (working 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week) is illegal. We discuss the business ramifications.

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