Annual CIT Reconciliation in 2024 – A Brief Guide for Companies

China’s annual corporate income tax (CIT) reconciliation season (also referred to as annual CIT settlement or annual CIT filing) for the 2023 tax year is underway, and local tax authorities have begun to issue annual guides to help companies navigate their tax obligations.

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India Briefing

How Labor Market Intelligence Can Strengthen Your India Market Relocation Strategy


As global economies continue to recover and multiple concerns regarding the concentration of supply chains emerge, many businesses are actively considering their options for relocation.

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam Decree 23 Outlines Bidding Processes for Key Sectors Projects


Following the enactment of the New Bidding Law, Vietnam’s Decree 23 introduces comprehensive regulations to improve competitiveness and transparency in bidding processes, outlining criteria, procedures, and requirements for investor selection and project implementation in specialized sectors.

China Briefing

Verification Letter of Invitation Requirement in the China Visa Process: A Brief Guide


A Verification Letter of Invitation is required when certain foreigners apply for M/F visas to China such as those from the Middle East. The inviting Chinese company has to ensure the invitees conduct themselves appropriately in China and depart on time as scheduled.

ASEAN Briefing

Thailand Bolsters EV Support Scheme to Drive Adoption and Foster Battery Innovation


On February 21, 2024, Thailand’s National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee (EV Board) approved new measures to support the uptake of electric buses (e-buses) and electric trucks (e-trucks), along with the establishment of battery bases.

India Briefing

The MedTech Industry in India: Outlook and Growth Drivers


India’s medical technology (MedTech) industry, currently holding a modest 1.5 percent global market share, presents opportunities for investors amidst various government-led initiatives aimed at fostering growth, including the PLI Scheme and Medical Devices Parks Scheme.

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam Adopts Hydrogen Energy Strategy to Boost Energy Transition


In a new strategy, Vietnam has laid out a range of development targets for the hydrogen industry for the period to 2030 and with a vision to 2050, which will support the country’s sustainability, power capacity expansion, and decarbonization goals.

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