India’s National Logistics Policy: Key Targets and Implementation Plan

India’s National Logistics Policy is expected to give a massive boost to the country’s US$200 billion logistics sector. Through increased digitization, streamlining how different ministries operate, and cross-sector initiatives, the policy aims to reduce the cost of logistics and enhance efficiency. Industry stakeholders have welcomed the National Logistics Policy, which can place India among the top 25 logistics ecosystems in the world. The policy will be implemented in conjunction with the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan to ensure efficiencies in India’s massive infrastructure and connectivity development programs.

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China Briefing

China’s Technology Innovation Tax Incentives – New Updates


As China endeavors to shift from being a low-end mass manufacturer to a high-end producer, the government has doubled down on encouraging targeted investments in research and development (R&D) and technological innovation. The ongoing technology confrontation with the US is another factor at play, impacting a wide range of segments from access to chips and other key input technologies and products. This has resulted in China labeling its technology sector as a strategic one and for which government support has increased. We provide the very latest incentive updates.

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam’s Business Integrity Index: Enhancing Accountability and Enterprise Conduct


The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has launched the Vietnam Business Integrity Index. The project, created in collaboration with the UNDP and funded by the British government, provides a toolkit for assessing the integrity and conduct of Vietnamese business. By doing this, the program’s developers hope to attract more investment and enhance the progression of Vietnamese enterprise.

Silk Road Briefing

China And Turkiye Focus On Developing The Middle Corridor


The 3rd China-Türkiye Communication Forum was held on September 26, 2022. The forum, jointly sponsored by China International Communications Group (CICG), and Turkuvaz Media Group concentrated on the development of deeper bilateral strategic cooperation in politics, economy and trade, culture, education, and science and technology. Alignment between the BRI and Caspian corridors has been made a priority. We explore the outcomes of these discussions.

ASEAN Briefing

Singapore Issues Latest Vaccination Requirements for Work Passes


Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has mandated that all work pass holders and their dependents must be fully vaccinated when applying for a new work pass. Specifically, work pass holders in the construction, marine shipyard, or process (CMP) sectors must be fully vaccinated when they apply for a new work pass as well as when they renew an existing one.

India Briefing

Investing in Gujarat: Industrial Capacity, Preferential Zones, Exports


Gujarat is India’s top industrial state in terms of manufacturing capacity, investment opportunities, operational special economic zones and other investment-friendly locations for industrial set-up, logistics and connectivity infrastructure, opportunities for emerging sectors like renewables and financial services, and a stably policy environment. We discuss the state economic profile, including its leading industries, exports, and special economic zones and industrial investment corridors.

China Briefing

China Releases Measures for Management of Veterinary Institutions


The rural and agricultural department has released new measures for regulating China veterinary institutions, which will help to ensure clinics meet certain standards and improve the quality of services. The measures outline the requirements for qualifications, equipment, and facilities and clarify obligations for veterinary practitioners and institutions in disease prevention and control.

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Middle East Briefing

Iran To Launch International Stock Exchange At Kish Island Free Trade Zone


Iran is preparing to launch an international stock exchange at the Kish Island Free Zone by the year end, according to Mehdi Keshavarz, the Managing Director of the Kish Free Zone Organization. Owing to its free trade zone status, has an estimated population of almost 40,000 residents and about 1 million visitors annually, making it the third most visited trade and tourism destination in the Gulf. It can be expected to evolve into a financial services centre highlighting Iranian and other regional businesses and trade.

Russia Briefing

Russia To Begin Bilateral Trade With Afghanistan


The Afghanistan Government, the Taliban, has signed a provisional deal for Russia to supply petrol, diesel, gas and wheat to the country, according to the Afghani Acting Commerce and Industry Minister Haji Nooruddin Azizi. The deal is the first known major international economic deal struck by Afghanistan since the Taliban returned to power over a year ago. Afghanistan has a population of just under 40 million people, many of whom face starvation in the coming winter.

China Briefing

Belt And Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #100


China is powering ahead in its receipt of foreign direct investment and is continuing to invest in the energy sectors in both gas and NEVs while also engaging in significant transport infrastructure connectivity. Much of this focus now centers on the Middle East. Intra-Central Asian trade continues to be buoyant while Russia continues its new adventures into new markets at both the federal and regional levels. The US now threatens Turkish banks with SWIFT disconnections, with both China and Russia taking steps forward with digitizing their currencies.

Russia Briefing

An Introduction To The Russian/Ukrainian Referendum Regions


Controversial referendums have taken place in four disputed regions between Russia and Ukraine. We provide a regional overview and map, identify the demographics, and discuss the coming legalisation procedures and the geopolitical implications on the Ukraine conflict should they be annexed.

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