Draft Standards for Personal Information Protection Compliance Audits – Key Guidelines for Companies

The Standardization Administration of China (SAC) has released a set of draft standards for conducting personal information (PI) protection compliance audits. Under draft measures released by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) in August 2023, companies that process the PI of people in China are required to undergo regular compliance audits. Specifically, companies that process the PI of over one million people must undergo a compliance audit at least once a year, while companies that process the PI of under one million people must carry out an audit at least once every two years.

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India Briefing

India’s Global Capability Centers Market Estimated to Reach US$110 Billion by 2030


India’s resilient economy and favorable conditions are driving the growth of global capability centers (GCCs) despite global economic challenges. GCCs are becoming hubs of excellence for innovation and digital transformation, enhancing their role in the value chain.

ASEAN Briefing

Audit and Compliance in the Philippines: A Guide for Foreign Investors


Under the Tax Code, all persons, natural or juridical, subject to internal revenue taxes must keep proper records of all business transactions and keep books of their accounts. Companies whose gross annual earnings exceed PHP3 million (US$51,464) must have their accounts audited.

Vietnam Briefing

EuroCham Vietnam’s Business Confidence Index for Q2 2024


The European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham) recently released its Q2 2024 Business Confidence Index (BCI) report, reflecting a generally positive sentiment among European businesses towards Vietnam’s market.

Middle East Briefing

UAE Corporate Tax Rules for Free Zone Persons


Companies established in the UAE Free Zones can enjoy a 0 percent corporate tax rate if they meet specific qualifying criteria for establishment and income. In this article, we outline the qualifying criteria.

China Briefing

US-China Relations in the Biden Era: A Timeline


Timeline tracking key developments affecting US-China relations, including trade and business engagement, under the Biden Administration. On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, offering a chance to change the course of US-China relations, which had hit a low point under the outgoing Trump administration.

India Briefing

India’s State-wise Merchandise Export Performance in FY 2023-24


India’s merchandise export landscape has seen notable shifts in FY 2023-24, with Gujarat and Maharashtra maintaining their top positions, albeit with declining contributions, while Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have gained ground. These shifts highlight the evolving economic profiles and export strategies of Indian states.

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