Economy & Trade

Vietnam Business Integrity Index: Enhancing Accountability and Enterprise Conduct


The Vietnam Business Integrity Index has been created in collaboration with the UNDP and funded by the British government.

US Presidential Envoy Visit to Vietnam Underlies Cooperation on Climate Change Issues


Vietnam Briefing highlights the recent visit by US Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry building on US-Vietnam cooperation on climate change.

Vietnam-Russia Trade: New Links Between Sea and Rail Route


Vietnam Briefing discusses Vietnam-Russia trade and new sea and rail links facilitating trade and investment between both countries.

Vietnam's Upbeat Economic Outlook Outlier to Slowing Growth in Region: IMF


Vietnam Briefing discusses the IMF's recent positive outlook on Vietnam and how its resilient economy was an outlier in the region.

Why Vietnam’s Infrastructure is Crucial for Economic Growth


Vietnam's infrastructure is crucial for its fast-growing economy and record FDI. We look at the current state of infrastructure and key prospects.

Proposed Vietnam-Laos Railway Project to Boost Trade, Connectivity


The Vietnam-Laos railway line is a proposed project aimed to boost Vietnam-Laos trade and connectivity ties.

Tax & Accounting

Vietnam’s E-invoice Implementation: Prepare for July 2022


Vietnam will implement mandatory e-invoicing from July 2022. Businesses are advised to prepare during the transition period to remain compliant.

Vietnam Extends CIT, VAT, Land Rent Payment to Aid Business Recovery


Vietnam Briefing discusses Decree 34 on the extension of CIT, VAT, PIT, and land rental payments for businesses affected by the pandemic.

Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2022 - New Publication from Dezan Shira & Associates


Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2022, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now and available for download.

Vietnam Approves Tax System Reform Strategy to 2030


Vietnam approved the tax system reform strategy until 2030. Vietnam Briefing highlights the main features including various tax implementation strategies.

Q&A: How to File Your Personal Income Tax in Vietnam


In this Q&A with Thang Vu, Tax at Dezan Shira & Associates, we look at PIT obligations of employers and employees, including deadlines to finalize PIT.

Why Vietnam is Increasingly Focusing on Digital Accounting


Vietnam Briefing discusses digital accounting in Vietnam, including trends, tools that are being used, and the government's push in digitizing the economy.

Legal & Regulatory

How are US Investors Responding to Vietnam’s New Data Localization Regulation


Vietnam's new cybersecurity law which requires businesses to store data locally will come into effect on October 1. Vietnam Briefing discusses its impact.

How to Set Up an NGO in Vietnam


Investors looking to set up an NGO in Vietnam need to carefully study the regulatory environment including the recently released Decree 58.

Vietnam Amends Intellectual Property Law: Plan for January 2023


Vietnam Briefing highlights the recent amendments to the Intellectual Property Law coming into effect in January 2023.

Vietnam Introduces Administrative Sanctions for Environmental Violations: Decree 45


Vietnam Briefing discusses Decree 45 on administrative sanctions for environmental violations and what businesses must do to comply.

Import, Export, and Investment Incentives in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing highlights import-export regulations for FDI enterprises in Vietnam as well as favorable tax and investment incentives.

Changing Your Company Name in Vietnam: A Guide to Online Registration


Vietnam Briefing guides investors on how to change their company name in Vietnam including online registration and compliance requirements.


Vietnam's Semiconductor Industry: Samsung Makes Further Inroads


Vietnam Briefing discusses Vietnam's semiconductor industry, Samsung's investment, and key insights by Filippo Bortoletti.

Vietnam's Tech Startups: Human Resource Challenges


Vietnam Briefing highlights the growing tech startup industry in Vietnam and the human resource challenges faced by the industry.

How Vietnam's Telecom Industry Will Play a Key Role in Digital Transformation


Vietnam Briefing highlights the country's growing telecom industry and how it will play a key role in digital transformation.

Vietnam’s Target for Carbon-Neutral Transportation: Opportunities and the Path Forward


Vietnam Briefing highlights the government's plan to reduce carbon emissions with all transport to run on green energy by 2050.

Vietnam’s Emerging Cosmetics Industry: Strong Potential for Growing Market


Vietnam Briefing profiles the emerging cosmetics industry in Vietnam including the current scenario, opportunities, and challenges.

Vietnam’s Cold Storage Industry: Drivers, Challenges and Market Entry


Vietnam Briefing profiles the cold storage industry including industry drivers, challenges, and market entry options in Vietnam.

HR & Payroll

Gender Equality and Prevailing Challenges in the Workplace in Vietnam


As a fast-growing economy, Vietnam Briefing highlights Vietnam's gender equality issues in the workplace and current challenges.

Vietnam's Tech Startups: Human Resource Challenges


Vietnam Briefing highlights the growing tech startup industry in Vietnam and the human resource challenges faced by the industry.

Vietnam’s Visas and Work Permit Procedures


Vietnam Briefing highlights some changes to visas and work permits and explains the process for a long-term visit.

Typhoon Season in Vietnam: How to Prepare Your Business


Vietnam is prone to several typhoons every year. Vietnam Briefing discusses the key risks and how businesses can prepare for the typhoon season.

Vietnam to Increase Regional Minimum Wage from July 2022


Vietnam is set to increase its minimum wage by 6 percent from July 2022 after a span of two and half years which includes a new minimum hourly rate.

Planning for Uncertainty: Global Staffing Solutions to Facilitate Your Vietnam Market Entry


Global Staffing Solutions is a flexible entry strategy for businesses to test the Vietnamese market without needing to physically set up an operation.

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