Economy & Trade

National Assembly Working Group Talks Trade in Portugal


Members of Vietnam’s National Assembly on a working visit to Europe this week met with key decision-makers in Portugal. Here’s what they discussed and what trade looks like between Portugal and Vietnam.

A Vietnam Olympics? Investment and Opportunities


It was recently suggested that closer ties between the US and Vietnam could pave the way for Vietnam to host the Olympics. So, is the prospect of Vietnam hosting the world's biggest sporting event realistic? And, if so, how could foreign investors play a role in making it happen?

Danang Development Plan to 2030 Approved


A master plan for the development of Danang between now and 2030 has been officially approved by the Prime Minister. Here’s what’s on the agenda for Vietnam’s third-biggest city.

Dutch, Vietnam PMs Talk Trade and Investment in Hanoi


Outgoing Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte was in Hanoi last week talking up trade and investment between the Netherlands and Vietnam. Here’s what was achieved in his two-day stopover and how trade and investment are shaping up between these two nations.

PM Returns from Saudi Arabia After Fruitful Trade and Investment Talks


The Vietnamese Prime Minister has returned from Saudi Arabia where increasing trade and investment with the wealthy Middle East nation was high on the agenda. Here’s what was discussed.

Tax & Accounting

Completing an Effective Stock Take in Vietnam


As the year draws to a close, firms will likely need to perform a stock take. With this in mind, the Vietnam Briefing runs through what firms need to do to ensure their stock take is as simple, quick, and effective as possible.

Bookkeeping for Tax Compliance Purposes in Vietnam


In the event of an audit, accurate tax records can be crucial in ensuring the process is as smooth and quick as possible. In this article, Vietnam Briefing breaks down the requirements for accounting records in Vietnam.

An Overview of Vietnam’s Environmental Protection Tax


On the books since 2010, Vietnam’s Environmental Protection Tax has been a key pillar of Vietnam’s transition to a cleaner, greener economy. In this article, we break down the key details foreign investors should know.

Vietnam’s Natural Resource Tax 2023


Companies engaged in the extraction of natural resources in Vietnam are subject to tax obligations on these resources. Here's what they are.

Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2023 – the Latest Guide from Dezan Shira & Associates


This edition of Tax, Accounting, and Audit Guide for 2023, produced in collaboration with our tax experts at Dezan Shira & Associates, aims to provide an overview of taxes for businesses and individuals in Vietnam, as well as fundamental accounting and audit information in the Vietnamese business context.

VAT Refunds for Software Developers in Vietnam


According to Circular No. 13/2020/TT-BTTTT, businesses engaged in software development must follow stipulated procedures to be able to enjoy incentives related to VAT refunds.

Legal & Regulatory

Navigating Foreign Loans in Vietnam: Key Considerations


Navigating foreign loans in Vietnam demands a nuanced grasp of regulations and key considerations. Here’s a short overview of what foreign firms should know.

Investing in Logistics Businesses in Vietnam for Foreign Firms


An evermore important link in global supply chains, getting goods into, around, and out of Vietnam quickly and easily is becoming increasingly important. In this article, we look at the regulations around investing in logistics services in Vietnam.

Refurbished Goods, Vietnam, and the CPTPP: Unpacked


Broadly speaking, Vietnam has been averse to importing secondhand goods. However, this may soon change with refurbished goods clauses in several next-generation free trade agreements. Here’s how local regulations on the import of refurbished goods are shaping up with respect to the CPTPP.

Vietnam Amends Law on Electronic Transactions: Implications for Foreign Firms


The law in Vietnam on e-transactions, issued in March 2006, exhibits some shortcomings concerning modern electronic transactions. Therefore, to promote electronic trade, the National Assembly of Vietnam in June 2023 approved the revised Law on Electronic Transactions. Here’s what this might mean for foreign firms.

Supply Chain Sustainability in Vietnam: Responding to Labor and Environmental Regulations


New labor and sustainability regulations around the world are reshaping supply chains. Here’s how these regulations may impact foreign firms operating in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s National Data Center Project: Unpacked


Vietnam’s National Data Center Project has been approved by Resolution 175/NQ-CP. This is in line with the growing importance of data collection and storage in Vietnam. Here are the key takeaways.


Due Diligence Procedures for Real Estate M&A in Vietnam


Vietnam is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for mergers and acquisitions (M&As), and the country’s real estate sector is a major contributor to this trend. Here’s what firms should know about due diligence in real estate M&As.

Exploring Investment Opportunities in Vietnam’s Film Industry


The Vietnamese film "Tet o lang Dia Nguc" (Hellbound Village) occupied the top spot for weeks in Vietnam on streaming platforms Netflix and K+ Original, proof that Vietnamese films are becoming increasingly popular. This presents myriad investment opportunities for foreign movie makers, investors, and distributors. Here’s where they are.

Investment Opportunities in Vietnam's Dairy Sector


Vietnam’s dairy sector is experiencing strong sales growth on the back of a middle-class that is expanding by the day. In this article, Vietnam Briefing examines opportunities in the sector for foreign firms but also the hurdles they may face.

The Future of Vietnam’s Pharmaceutical Industry: Unpacked


As a result of Vietnamese consumers having more money to spend on their healthcare, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry is booming. Here’s how Vietnam plans to manage that boom between now and 2030, and where it might be by 2045.

Case Study: Pandora and Vietnam’s Jewelry Market


Pandora is establishing a jewelry factory in Vietnam. Here's what foreign jewelry firms can learn from Pandora's experience.

Investment Opportunities in Vietnam's Garment and Textile Industry


Vietnam Briefing highlights Vietnam’s fast evolving garment and textile industry – its development, growth, and opportunities for investors.

HR & Payroll

Labor Outsourcing in Vietnam in 2023


One way to manage a firm’s workforce through peaks and troughs in demand is by utilizing labor outsourcing. In this article, the Vietnam Briefing outlines the conditions for foreign firms with respect to labor outsourcing in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s National Program for Increasing Labor Productivity: Key Takeaways


Last week, the Prime Minister of Vietnam approved the National Program for Increasing Labor Productivity to 2030. Here is how Vietnam intends to improve productivity in its workforce.

Vietnam Q3 Labor Market Update: Increase in Workers, Employment


Vietnam’s General Office of Statistics has released its Q3 2023 labor market and employment update. Here’s what it says about Vietnam’s human resources at the end of September this year.

Vietnam’s Gig Economy for Foreign Firms


The gig economy has emerged as a key driver of innovation and change in the way people work in Vietnam. This presents both benefits and challenges for workers and businesses alike. Here’s what foreign firms should know.

Employing Foreign Workers in Vietnam: Updated Requirements


The conditions for employing foreign workers in Vietnam have changed. This article highlights the key changes that foreign firms should be aware of.

Vietnam Introduces E-Visa for All Nationalities from August 15, 2023


Starting August 15, 2023, Vietnam has implemented the new e-visa system for all nationalities, in a major boost to the country's tourism and allied sectors.

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