Economy & Trade

Where are Nike’s Factories Located in Vietnam?


Nike’s been operating in Vietnam for over a decade. Here’s where their factories are and why.

Where are Apple Products Made in Vietnam?


Apple manufacturers are spread all over Vietnam. Here’s where and why.

Vietnam’s Revised Insurance Law Opens Sector Further for Foreign Firms


Foreign firms can now own 100 percent of the charter capital in an insurance enterprise in Vietnam. Here’s what that means for foreign firms.

Tet Flower Sales Reveal Fertile Floriculture Market in Vietnam


Flower markets are springing up all over Vietnam for the Lunar New Year. Here’s the key opportunities for foreign flower firms.

Tax & Accounting

Compliance, Labor, and Tax Due Dates in Vietnam (2023)


Here’s a list of all the key compliance, labor, and tax due dates in Vietnam.

Foreign Contractor Tax in Vietnam: A Complete Guide for 2023


Vietnam’s foreign contractor withholding tax may affect your business if you’re working with a Vietnamese company or sub-contractor. Here’s how.

Special Consumption Tax in Vietnam (2023)


Special consumption tax in Vietnam applies to the production or importation of specific goods and the provision of certain services.

Vietnam’s E-invoice Implementation: Prepare for July 2022


Vietnam will implement mandatory e-invoicing from July 2022. Businesses are advised to prepare during the transition period to remain compliant.

Vietnam Extends CIT, VAT, Land Rent Payment to Aid Business Recovery


Vietnam Briefing discusses Decree 34 on the extension of CIT, VAT, PIT, and land rental payments for businesses affected by the pandemic.

Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2022 - New Publication from Dezan Shira & Associates


Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2022, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now and available for download.

Legal & Regulatory

IP in Vietnam: One Little Pig and a Big Bad Lawsuit


Peppa Pig’s creators are suing a Vietnamese firm for copyright infringement. Here’s what that might mean for IP in Vietnam.

Permanent Court of Arbitration Opens New Office in Hanoi


The Permanent Court of Arbitration has opened a representative office in Hanoi. Here’s a brief history of Vietnam’s relationship with investor-state disputes.

Vietnam Visa Costs: What You Need to Know in 2022


Vietnam's visa costs change regularly. Here is an updated list of Vietnam visa costs for 2022.

Spain, Poland, Italy, Hungary Pharma Companies Gain Equal Access to Vietnam Market


Spain, Poland, Italy, and Hungary can now access the Vietnamese pharma market the same way as their EU counterparts. Here’s what's changed.

How are Foreign Investors Responding to Vietnam’s New Data Localization Regulation


Vietnam's new cybersecurity law which requires businesses to store data locally will come into effect on October 1. Vietnam Briefing discusses its impact.

How to Set Up an NGO in Vietnam


Investors looking to set up an NGO in Vietnam need to carefully study the regulatory environment including the recently released Decree 58.


Investing in Vietnamese Startups: Quick Guide 2023


Vietnam’s startup sector is booming. Here’s a quick overview of how the sector is developing.

E-mobility Seminar Sheds Light on Vietnam’s EV Market


An e-mobility seminar in HCMC saw experts discuss the current state of Vietnam’s EV market. Here's what they said.

Explained: Vietnam’s FiT Rates for Solar and Wind Power Projects


Feed-in tariff rates for renewable energy projects that missed operational deadlines have been released. Here is what they are and how FiTs work in Vietnam.

Vietnam Milks EAEU for all its Worth with New Dairy in Russia


Vietnam’s TH Milk is expanding into Russia with a new facility near Moscow. Here’s a short overview.

Vietnam’s CEP Industry: Sustainability Challenges But Big Potential


Vietnam’s courier, express, and parcel delivery industry is booming. Here’s where the opportunities are.

Vietnam's Crypto Market in the Aftermath of the FTX Collapse


Changes to Vietnam’s cryptocurrency market may be afoot after the collapse of FTX. Here’s why.

HR & Payroll

Vietnamese New Year 2023: How to Prepare Your Business


Vietnam Briefing offers a basic understanding of the Vietnamese New Year or Tet including customary practices that businesses should be aware of.

Vietnam's HR Landscape, Compliance, and Recruitment - Latest Issue of Vietnam Briefing Magazine


We provide readers with an overview of Vietnam’s human resources landscape and key compliance requirements.

Foreign Worker Reports are Due January 5


Foreign worker reports are due next month. Here’s what you need to know.

Gender Equality and Prevailing Challenges in the Workplace in Vietnam


As a fast-growing economy, Vietnam Briefing highlights Vietnam's gender equality issues in the workplace and current challenges.

Vietnam's Tech Startups: Human Resource Challenges


Vietnam Briefing highlights the growing tech startup industry in Vietnam and the human resource challenges faced by the industry.

Vietnam’s Visas and Work Permit Procedures


Vietnam Briefing highlights some changes to visas and work permits and explains the process for a long-term visit.

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