Economy & Trade

Maintaining Operations During Vietnam’s Fourth Wave of the Pandemic


Vietnam Briefing highlights government directives and ways that businesses can ensure production during Vietnam's fourth wave of the pandemic.

US - Vietnam Reach Agreement on Currency, No Tariffs Imposed


Vietnam reached an agreement with the US regarding its practices on currency, marking an end to the dispute, and for Vietnam no threat of tariffs.

Q&A: How to Set Up a Factory in Vietnam: From Location to Compliance


In this Q&A with Dustin Daugherty, we look at steps to set up a factory in Vietnam, assessing a manufacturing location, and practical steps to do so.

Vietnam’s Hai Phong: An Industrial Gateway and Port City


Vietnam's Hai Phong has quickly emerged as an investor's favorite due to its infrastructure, ports, industrial zones, and strategic location.

Investing in Ben Tre Province: What Investors Need to Know


Ben Tre province has emerged as a strong contender for investors in the Mekong Delta calling for investments in renewables and hi-tech industries, among others.

Relocating Production: Comparing Vietnam and its Regional Peers


Vietnam Briefing examines Vietnam as a China plus one alternate production location and compares it with its regional peers.

Tax & Accounting

Reducing Business Costs in Vietnam amid the Pandemic


Similar to last year, Vietnam has issued incentives for businesses affected by COVID-19. These include tax breaks and land fee payment deferrals.

Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2021 - New Publication from Dezan Shira & Associates


Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2021, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now and available for download.

Vietnam Issues Guidance on Electronic Tax Payment Transactions: Circular 19


Vietnam recently issued Circular 19 guiding regulations on electronic tax transactions. Vietnam Briefing highlights the Circular's key points.

Vietnam Extends Deadline for Tax, Land Payments: Decree 52


Vietnam issued Decree 52 deferring tax payments and land rentals for additional businesses affected by the pandemic. The Decree came into effect on April 19.

Personal Income Tax in Vietnam: Exemptions and Reductions


Vietnam Briefing highlights tax exemptions and reductions for those tax residents that are subject to personal income tax in Vietnam.

Legal & Regulatory

Closing Your Business in Vietnam: Guidelines and Procedures


When closing a business in Vietnam investors must be fully aware of the responsibilities they face in dissolving or terminating a company.

Cross-Border Advertising Services in Vietnam: Decree 70


Vietnam issued Decree 70 adding new regulations related to cross-border advertising services. The Decree will take effect on September 15, 2021.

Common Restructuring Options for Businesses in Vietnam


Restructuring your Vietnam business will ensure your company is more streamlined, risk resilient, agile, and competitive in the market.

Vietnam Establishes Research Group to Study Regulations on Cryptocurrencies


Vietnam's finance ministry has established a research group to study and take an in-depth look at cryptocurrency-related policy proposals.

Vietnam’s Draft Decree on E-commerce: Impact on Foreign Investors


As e-commerce continues its strong growth, the Vietnamese government has released a draft decree regulating e-commerce activities in Vietnam.

Vietnam Issues Guidance on Implementation of Law on Investment: Decree 31


Vietnam's Decree 31 provides guidance on the sectors foreign investors are subject to market access restrictions while clarifying aspects of the investment law.


Q&A: Electronics and Semiconductor Industry in Vietnam


In this Q&A with Filippo Bortoletti, Senior Manager at Dezan Shira & Associates, we discuss the electronics and semiconductor industry in Vietnam.

Why Investors Should Consider Vietnam’s Electric Vehicle Market


Vietnam Briefing highlights the electric vehicle market in Vietnam and the opportunities for investors despite the challenges.

Tax Incentives for Businesses Involved in Supporting Industries: Decree 57


Vietnam recently issued Decree 57 for businesses involved in supporting industry projects to qualify for corporate income tax incentives.

How to Set Up an E-Commerce Business in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing provides a general outline of setting up an e-commerce business in Vietnam. Investors should also be aware of a draft decree on e-commerce, which will likely influence current regulations.

Vietnam’s Draft Decree on E-commerce: Impact on Foreign Investors


As e-commerce continues its strong growth, the Vietnamese government has released a draft decree regulating e-commerce activities in Vietnam.

Why the Agtech Industry Will Aid Vietnam's Hi-Tech Growth


Vietnam's agtech industry presents signficant opportunities as the government focuses on hi-tech investment to increase capacity and quality.

HR & Payroll

Vietnam Business Operations and the Coronavirus: Updates


Businesses in Vietnam need to prepare for an escalation of the coronavirus outbreak; measures taken by authorities may get enforced with little or no notice.

COVID-19 in Vietnam: Travel Updates and Restrictions


Vietnam Briefing highlights the travel updates and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

Vietnam Issues Support Package for Employers, Employees Hit by Fourth Wave: Resolution 68


Vietnam Briefing outlines a financial assistance package that has been issued by the government for businesses and employees affected by the fourth wave of COVID-19.

Foreign Employees and Work Permits in Vietnam: Decree 152


Vietnam introduced Decree 152 on the management and hiring of foreign employees in Vietnam. The Decree took effect on February 15.

Vietnam Unveils Support for Vocational Training: Decision 17


Vietnam unveiled Decision 17, effective May 15, on vocational training support for employees participating in unemployment insurance.

Overtime Regulations and Compensation in Vietnam


Understand current regulations on working hours, circumstances when overtime is triggered, and compensation for a variety of overtime working hours.

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