Asia Briefing History

  • Birth of China Briefing

    The first monthly issue of China Briefing Magazine is printed, with an initial run of 500 copies. Written by Chris Devonshire-Ellis in order to promote the services of Dezan Shira & Associates, this issue deals with the legal procedures for setting up representative offices in China. It immediately sells out, with the second issue running to 1,000 copies. That too sells out and the third issue is increased to 10,000 copies distributed on a national basis.


  • Launch of First Online Magazine and News Website

    China Briefing develops its own website and begins a regular online news update service. China Briefing Magazine print has now increased to 25,000 copies per issue.


  • First Publishing of Regional Business Guides for China

    The first China Briefing book is published, being the first Shanghai business guide to be printed for over 60 years. The launch event is held at the main ballroom of the Peace Hotel on the Bund. This is followed by guides to Beijing and North China, as well as South China and the Pearl River Delta.


  • China Briefing goes International (published in 5 languages)

    China Briefing is made available in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Online readership now comes from over 100 countries internationally.


  • First Publishing of Technical Business Guides for China

    A series of China technical books appear, starting with establishment guides to ROs, WFOEs and JVs, and continuing through tax and other related disciplines. These are exclusively written by staff at Dezan Shira & Associates.


  • Launch of India Briefing and 2point6billion.com

    As Dezan Shira & Associates break into the Indian market, the first India Briefing Magazine is published. The launch is attended by Madame Nuripama Rao, India's Ambassador to China at the time. 2point6billion.com, a website-based product detailing the China-India trade space, is also launched that year and immediately attracts significant attention across Asia.


  • Launch of Vietnam Briefing

    Expansion into Vietnam follows for both Dezan Shira & Associates and Asia Briefing,


  • 10th Anniversary of China Briefing

    China Briefing holds 10th anniversary parties in Beijing and Shanghai. Subscribers to China Briefing Magazine reach 25,000 and Asia Briefing websites are recording over 100,000 views per month.


  • China Briefing Magazine Publishes 100th Issue

    China Briefing Magazine's January/February 2010 issue marks the brand's 100th issue.


  • Launch of Asia Briefing Magazine

    First issue of Asia Briefing Magazine is published in January, offering pan-Asian comparisons in legal, tax and operational compliance issues.


  • Dezan Shira & Associates celebrate 20 years in China

    Dezan Shira & Associates reaches its 20th anniversary in China, marking the company as one of the longest-established consulting practices in China. They remain the only firm in China with a specific publishing subsidiary to deal with educating and advising foreign investors on the technical matters of doing business in the region.


  • Launch of Asia Briefing

    Asia Briefing is launched as a central portal to house a growing roster of titles, including China Briefing, India Briefing, and Vietnam Briefing.


  • Launch of ASEAN Briefing

    ASEAN Briefing, a library of double tax and free trade agreements between ASEAN members and other major trade partners, is launched in February.


  • Dezan Shira Asian Alliance

    Seeking to provide legal, tax and audit advisory services in multiple Asian jurisdictions, Dezan Shira creates the Dezan Shira Asian Alliance with selected local practices in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


  • Vietnam Briefing

    In 2014, just as Vietnam was currently undergoing dynamic changes in its economy and culture, we redesigned the logo to more accurately represent this exciting country


  • Asia Briefing Launches Business Intelligence

    In 2015, Asia Briefing launched new Business Intelligence to further support clients in all aspects of their operations in Asia.


  • ASEAN Briefing Expands in Indonesia

    ASEAN Briefing expands its presence to Indonesia with on the ground research and editorial following years of foreign direct investment coverage in the region.


  • 2020 Asia Briefing rebrands and hits 8 million views

    In order to represent our evolving Asia Briefing brand as its audience, coverage and publication brands grow, we mark the new decade with a new look, and numerous improvements to our brand, newsletter, and social media communications.



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