Economy & Trade

First Advance Estimates of India's GDP (2021-22) Suggest 9.2% Growth


The first advance estimates for FY 2021-22 from the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation project India's growth rate of real GDP at 9.2 percent for FY 2021-22.

Mergers and Acquisitions Activity in India in 2021


Mergers & acquisitions reached an all-time high in India in 2021 driven by first-time buyers and led by a growth of industry disruptors and tech start-ups.

Updates on India's FTAs with UK, UAE, Australia, and Other Trade Engagements in 2022


India is aggressively pushing for more FTAs with multiple countries and regional blocs as it chases an ambitious export target of US$450-500 billion by next fiscal.

Sectors Expected to Dominate India’s Investment Scenario in 2022 and Enabling Economic Policies


India's 2022 investment outlook will be dominated by clean energy, healthcare, digital information technology and services, construction, and FMCG sectors.

An Introduction to Doing Business in India 2022 – New Publication from Dezan Shira & Associates


An Introduction to Doing Business in India 2022 is designed to guide new and established investors in India.

India-South Korea Trade and Investment: Trends and Opportunities


We profile India-South Korea trade and investment flows, key investors and traded products, and opportunities for Korean manufacturing investments in India.

Tax & Accounting

Key GST Changes in India Applicable from January 1, 2022


We list key GST changes in India, which impact the scope of Supplies and enforcement mechanisms, withdraws concessions, introduces input credit restrictions, etc.

India Extends AY 2021-22 Due Dates for ITR and Tax Audit Reports on Account of COVID, E-Filing Difficulties


On January 11, 2022, the Central Board of Direct Taxes informed the further extended due dates for filing tax audit reports and income tax returns for AY 2021-22.

Here's How Income Tax Filing in India is Made Easier with the New Annual Information Statement


The Annual Information Statement launched by India's tax department captures data from 46 financial transactions to make tax filing compliances easier.

All You Need to Know About Dividend Taxation in India


We explain dividend taxation in India, where from FY 2020-21 onwards, the tax incidence of dividends now falls on the shareholder instead of the company issuing the dividends.

A Tax Primer for Foreign Investors in Bangladesh: Incentives, TP, DTAs, Repatriation


We look at tax incentives for investors in Bangladesh, TP requirements and methods, bilateral tax treaties, and rules for foreign exchange and outward remittances.

India and US Agree to Transitional Approach on Equalization Levy


India and the US reached an agreement on the imposition of digital services tax till the implementation of OECD Pillar One or March 31, 2024 - whichever is earlier.

Legal & Regulatory

SEBI Mandates Splitting Posts of Chairman and MD/CEO before April 1, Corporate India Wants More Time


India's securities regulator SEBI has mandated the top 500 listed companies to split the position of chairman and managing director.

What is Card Tokenization and Why is its Compliance in India an Opportunity for Fintech?


By June 30, 2022, digital payments compliance in India will require mandatory deletion of card-on-file details, thereby opening space for fintech disruptors.

SEBI Relaxes Delisting Norms to Encourage Mergers & Acquisitions in India


SEBI has relaxed the delisting rules for acquirers of a company, making the merger and acquisition process seamless.

Why Are We Paying Close Attention to the 2021 Winter Session of India's Parliament? A Look at Key Bills


We list the bills expected to be tabled in the Winter Session of India's parliament (Nov 29 to Dec 23, 2021), including regulation of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Regulation in India: Is a Total Ban on Cards?


India is working on a cryptocurrency bill as key stakeholders want clarity from the government on issues of definition, tax treatment, and regulation.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Compliance in India: New Reporting Requirements


India has mandated new environmental, social, and governance reporting requirements for the top 1,000 listed companies in the country from FY 2022-23.


Investment Opportunities in India's Digital Infrastructure Worth US$23 Billion


We provide insights into opportunities for investing in India's digital infrastructure – both physical and soft components – and government spending plans.

India’s PLI Scheme for ACC Battery Storage Manufacturing


India's clean energy and electric vehicle industries are to get a boost from the latest PLI scheme beneftting local ACC battery storage manufacturing.

Setting Up a Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in India: What Foreign Investors Should Know


India has opened applications for its incentives packages for the semiconductor industry for the development and design of fabs, ATMP, design, among others.

Semiconductor Companies Can Submit Proposals to Indian Govt. from January 1, 2022


Companies can submit proposals under the Program for Development of Semiconductors and Display Manufacturing Ecosystem in India from January 1, 2022.

Electric Vehicle Industry in India: Why Foreign Investors Should Pay Attention


The electric vehicle industry in India benefits from 100% FDI allowed, new manufacturing incentives, and increased subsidies under FAME-II.

Profiling India's EdTech Industry: A US$10 Billion Opportunity


We profile the latest trends in the Indian Edtech industry whose valuation is pegged at US$30 billion by 2032. India has 5 Edtech unicorns as of Jan. 2022.

HR & Payroll

India's Public Holidays in 2022


We note the official list of India's public holidays in 2022. Learn about the best practices for managing public holidays at your business.

What are India’s Latest Guidelines on International Travel?


India continues to impose international travel restrictions due to COVID-19, with certain exceptions.

How India is Managing COVID-19 in 2022


We look at how India is managing COVID-19 in 2022, vaccination rates and national booster policy, and best practices for employers.

Due Process for Terminating an Employee in India


Foreign companies with a firm grasp of HR procedures in their home country may find that their established practices have little bearing in India. In this article, we cover the legal compliance provisions and termination procedures in India.

Traveling and Doing Business in Bangladesh: Culture and Etiquette


We provide a brief introduction to Bangladesh, explain business etiquette in the country, and offer tips for business interactions.

What Is a Vaccine Passport and Will This Affect Business Travel to India?


We examine the developing consensus for a digitized vaccine passport to facilitate resumption of normal global travel and why India is opposed to it.

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