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Export-Import in India 2022: Trends and Key Procedures


This article highlights the trends and outlook pertaining to export-import in India, while outlining trade procedures as per FTP 2015-20, which is now in operation till March 30, 2023.

India-Netherlands Commercial Ties Get Boost with Fast-Track Mechanism (FTM)


As India and the Netherlands formalize the FTM, we discuss their bilateral trade and commercial links and the pivot in Dutch investments in India in UN SDG-linked areas.

India’s Northeast Region: Scope for Investment in Fast-Developing States


India’s Northeast Region (NER) offers a lot of scope for greenfield investment due to its low development base, abundant raw materials, and access to East Asian and Indo-Pacific markets.

India Proposes 15% Retaliatory Duties on UK Imports for Restrictions on Steel Products


India's retaliatory additional duty of 15 percent are proposed on 22 UK imports, including blended whiskey, Scotch, and cheese.

India’s National Logistics Policy: Key Targets and Implementation Plan


India's National Logistics Policy will cut logistics costs and introduce efficiencies through digitization, streamlining bureaucracy, and enabling sector-wise capacity development.

Investing in Gujarat: Industrial Capacity and Preferential Policies


We profile the state of Gujarat, including its leading industries, export potential, special economic zones, and key industrial investment corridors.

Tax & Accounting

India’s Mandatory Tax Compliances in September 2022: Key Dates


We list India’s key dates in September 2022, which are relevant for taxpayers to fulfill their income tax and goods and services tax (GST) related compliances.

From October 1, E-Invoice Mandatory for Businesses in India Exceeding Turnover of INR 100 Million


GST e-invoice for B2B transactions for entities in India with turnover of INR 100 million (INR 10 crore) and above to be mandatory from Oct 1.

Changes in GST E-Invoice Rules Notified in 2022: What Businesses Should Note


India's GST regime continues to seek ways to bring transparency and efficiency to the indirect tax collection system.

Withholding Tax in India: An Explainer


We explain the withholding tax regime in India, including threshold levels, tax rates, and DTA treaty rates on payments to resident and non-resident firms.

Statutory, Internal, Secretarial, Cost, and Tax Audit in India: Key Points


We examine each type of audit under India's company law and what classes of companies are required to conduct an audit and appoint auditors.

How is GST Calculated for the Advertising Sector in India?


We briefly explain how GST is charged on the advertising sector in India, including liability for e-commerce aggregators.

Legal & Regulatory

Export-Import in India 2022: Trends and Key Procedures


This article highlights the trends and outlook pertaining to export-import in India, while outlining trade procedures as per FTP 2015-20, which is now in operation till March 30, 2023.

India Revises Paid-Up Capital Threshold for Small Companies, Eases Compliance Burden


By changing the eligibility thresholds for a small company in India, the government is lowering the compliance burden for more businesses.

Deadline for India's KYC Registration Agencies to Validate KYC Records Extended Till Nov. 2022


KRAs must maintain an audit trail of the upload/modification/download with respect to their clients' KYC records.

Halal Certification Procedures in India


A halal certification for your product, premise, restaurant, or business will assure customers that it is compliant with halal requirements.

India's Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022: Proposed Changes to the Antitrust Regime


The Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022 is expected to get approved during the ongoing Monsoon session of Parliament. We discuss the notable changes.

What Are the RBI’s New Guidelines for Digital Lending in India?


The RBI has announced a new regulatory framework for digital lenders in India – to be implemented with immediate effect.


Mobile Manufacturing in India: 10 Beneficiaries Get Incentive Under PLI Scheme


India has approved 10 mobile manufacturing beneficiaries, including Dixon Technologies, Samsung, Foxtron etc., for incentives under the PLI Scheme for Large-Scale Electronics Manufacturing.

Why Investors Should Consider Solar Energy Manufacturing in India


India is ambitious about solar energy generation, is facilitating domestic production capabilities, and seeks foreign capital and know-how.

Setting Up a Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in India: What Foreign Investors Should Know


India has opened applications for its incentives packages for the semiconductor industry for the development and design of fabs, ATMP, design, among others.

PLI Scheme for India's Specialty Steel Industry: 75 Applications Received by Govt.


Once the scheme has chosen its beneficiaries, it will apply for a 5-year period and benefit major steel players as well as downstream manufacturing MSMEs.

Can India’s Automotive Industry Benefit amid Western Tensions with China?


We examine how India’s automotive industry is poised to experience high growth, led by investments in EV manufacturing, OEM, and higher-tech capacity build.

Investing in India's Healthcare Sector – New Issue of India Briefing Magazine Out Now


In this issue of India Briefing Magazine, we examine emerging opportunities in India's healthcare sector, growth drivers, major market players, and incentives available.

HR & Payroll

Latest Guidelines on International Travel Applicable to Indian Travelers


India continues to impose international travel restrictions due to COVID-19, with certain exceptions.

Talent Acquisition After the Pandemic in India: Tips for HR and Recruitment


We discuss talent acquisition and retention strategies post-pandemic as companies deal with shifts in work attitudes and employment priorities.

Key Considerations for Expatriates in India: Jobs, Location Costs, and Tax


We discuss some of the tax, HR, and payroll considerations for expatriates when choosing to relocate to India for work or other purposes.

Human Resources and Payroll in India 2022 – New Publication from India Briefing


The Human Resources and Payroll in India 2022 Guide covers India’s labor laws and provides operational intelligence related to HR and payroll management.

Introduction to the Social Security System in India


This article discusses five categories of social insurance in India, along with their coverage, contribution rates, and supporting laws.

Women and Work in India: Trends and Analysis


We outline the various trends surrounding women and work in India, including the gendered disparity in employment as well as unjustifiable pay gaps. We also list the laws protecting women's rights in the workplace in India.

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