Economy & Trade

Equity Funding in India – Private Equity and Foreign Investment


We examine equity funding and private investment into India-based entities as well as compliance and reporting obligations for foreign enterprises.

Locating Your Export Base in Tamil Nadu


We spotlight why locating your export base in Tamil Nadu is a business-efficient decision, from its mature industrial set up, location, and state policies.

India’s Import-Export Trends in FY 2020-21


We look at India’s import-export trends in FY 2020-21, including top trading partners and factors enabling the country's renewed trade growth prospects.

What is the Relevance of the Special Valuation Branch to Importers in India?


The Special Valuation Branch investigates whether intercompany transactions facilitating imports have been valued appropriately for Customs Duty liability.

India's Business Environment Reforms Ongoing, Digital Governance Gets More Streamlined


The National Single Window System, a one-stop digital platform for accessing approvals to start a business in India, is part of a series of ongoing reforms.

India-UK FTA Negotiations Set to Begin November 1, 2021


Greater market access, liberalized tariff structures, and concerns of the services sector will be key talking points for India-UK trade negotiators.

Tax & Accounting

Transfer Pricing Regulations in India


We introduce the transfer pricing regulations in India, including the master file and CbCR requirements. This article is part one of a four-part series.

Withholding Tax in India


We explain the withholding tax regime in India, including threshold levels, tax rates, and DTA treaty rates on payments to resident and non-resident firms.

Transfer Pricing in India – New Issue of India Briefing Magazine Out Now


Our latest edition of India Briefing magazine provides an overview of the transfer pricing regime in India and key compliance and reporting guidelines.

Tax and Audit Deadlines in India in 2021


Key tax deadlines in India in 2021, including tax reporting dates, deadlines for audit compliance, and relevant dates for tax and finance obligations.

What is GST in India? Tax Rates, Key Terms, and Concepts Explained


Read to know about the key terms and concepts under the GST system in India, and the revised GST rates.

GST Compliance Requirements, Offenses, and Penalties under India’s GST Regime


We list the GST compliance requirements under the CGST Act, 2017, steps to ease the burden on taxpayers, and penalty provisions for non-compliance.

Legal & Regulatory

SEBI Relaxes Delisting Norms to Encourage Mergers & Acquisitions in India


SEBI has relaxed the delisting rules for acquirers of a company, making the merger and acquisition process seamless.

How to Incorporate a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India?


We explain step-by-step how a wholly owned subsidiary company is incorporated in India and highlight important compliance obligations.

India’s Account Aggregator Network Makes Financial Data More Accessible, Allows Individual Consent


The account aggregator network enables efficient accessibility to financial data and empowers individuals with control over their personal financial data.

India’s Cryptocurrency Bill in the Works: Definition, Clarity on Taxation Key Priorities


India is working on a cryptocurrency bill as key stakeholders want clarity from the government on issues of definition, tax treatment, and regulation.

Debt Funding in India: Options Available to Foreign Investors, Entrepreneurs


We explain the debt funding options available to foreign companies and investors in India, including onshore and offshore options, and their regulation.

India's LLP Amendment Bill to Benefit Start-ups, Chartered Accountants Among Other Beneficiaries


Opting for the LLP entity model in India could become easier following changes proposed in the LLP Amendment Bill, meant to encourage start-ups, MSMEs.


Telecom and Networking Products Manufacturing in India: PLI Scheme and List of Beneficiaries


The scheme should reduce import dependency, increase R&D spend, and boost export-oriented production. See list of beneficiaries here.

Investing in India’s Textiles Sector: Key Points for Foreign Investors


Growth in India’s textiles sector is driven by the easy availability of raw materials and labor, but foreign investments are needed for capacity upgrades.

India’s Automotive Ecosystem: A Primer for Investors


We provide a wide overview of India's automotive manufacturing ecosystem, including key industries, market trends, regional clusters, policy support, etc.

What's in India's PLI Scheme for the Automobile and Auto Components Industries?


We discuss India's production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for the automotive industry and highlight key eligibility criteria pushed by the government.

Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy, 2021 Targets EV Manufacturing


This article lists key features of the Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy, introduced in August 2021. The policy focuses on EV manufacturing and adoption.

Third-Party Logistics Sector in India: An Overview


We discuss the third-party logistics sector in India, including key growth drivers and major business segments, and touch upon market development prospects.

HR & Payroll

What are India’s Latest Guidelines on International Travel?


India continues to impose international travel restrictions due to COVID-19, with certain exceptions.

Due Process for Terminating an Employee in India


Foreign companies with a firm grasp of HR procedures in their home country may find that their established practices have little bearing in India. In this article, we cover the legal compliance provisions and termination procedures in India.

Traveling and Doing Business in Bangladesh: Culture and Etiquette


We provide a brief introduction to Bangladesh, explain business etiquette in the country, and offer tips for business interactions.

What Is a Vaccine Passport and Will This Affect Business Travel to India?


We examine the developing consensus for a digitized vaccine passport to facilitate resumption of normal global travel and why India is opposed to it.

COVID-19 in India: Live Updates


This page provides daily updates on the coronavirus outbreak in India, including tracking new cases and the COVID vaccine roll-out.

How Labor Market Intelligence Can Strengthen Your India Market Relocation Strategy


An effective labor market study will help company decision makers, such as C-suite executives, to make an informed choice that is best suited to the business.

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