Economy & Trade

India’s Special Economic Zones: A Primer


India’s SEZs offer tax incentives to their resident businesses. In this article, we highlight key information relevant for companies setting up in an Indian SEZ or developing an SEZ.

India’s Improving Investment Climate for Manufacturing


India’s manufacturing investment climate is set to benefit from newly launched sector-based incentive programs and updated statewise industrial policies.

A Guide to Gujarat’s Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone


Mundra port is a major economic and logistics gateway catering to India’s northern hinterland with multimodal connectivity.

India’s Trade Prospects with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan


We look at India's trade relations with Central Asia and the South Caucasus, by spotlighting trends with three countries, and discuss emerging prospects.

India-Iran Trade: External Factors Limit Prospects but New Trade Treaty Being Worked Out


Some insights on India-Iran trade, problem factors in bilateral ties, and reasons for trade and business stakeholders to be optimistic in the near future.

A Guide to Mumbai’s JNPT Port and its Special Economic Zone


We introduce key features and upgraded facilities of the JNPT, including its container terminals, traffic capacity, and the new JNPT Special Economic Zone.

Tax & Accounting

New Tax E-Filing Deadlines in India: Check List to See if it Applies to You


India extends e-filing due dates for specific forms under Income Tax Act, 1961. We list the forms affected and new tax reporting deadlines.

Tax and Audit Deadlines in India in 2021


Key tax deadlines in India in 2021, including tax reporting dates, deadlines for audit compliance, and relevant dates for tax and finance obligations.

What are the Tax Implications for Cryptocurrency Assets in India?


Cryptocurrency transactions in India may attract tax liability, but the rules remain unclear as the RBI has not yet granted it the status of a legal tender.

India’s New Rule for Computation of Short-Term Capital Gains to Increase Tax Liability for Businesses


Rule 8AC details the method of computing STCG and written down value for businesses that obtained depreciation on goodwill in FY 2020-21.

India Joins Consensus on OECD Tax Deal Ahead of G20 Meeting in Venice


We briefly explain the tax measures proposed for multinational enterprises in the OECD tax deal and prevailing consensus ahead of the Venice G20 meeting.

New TDS/TCS Provisions in India from July 1, 2021


Key changes affect purchase of goods, pension income, and accelerated TDS rates for non-filers; Aadhar-PAN linkage is important to avoid higher TDS.

Legal & Regulatory

Upper House Passes LLP Amendment Bill, Changes to Further Ease Doing Business in India


Opting for the LLP entity model in India could become easier following changes proposed in the LLP Amendment Bill, meant to encourage start-ups, MSMEs.

What are the Tax Implications for Cryptocurrency Assets in India?


Cryptocurrency transactions in India may attract tax liability, but the rules remain unclear as the RBI has not yet granted it the status of a legal tender.

Opening a Bank Account in Bangladesh


We discuss the procedural requirements for opening a bank account in Bangladesh, including individual accounts and corporate bank accounts.

Intellectual Property Protections in Bangladesh


We briefly discuss the available intellectual property protections in Bangladesh for market entrants and foreign companies doing business in the country.

Tax Breaks and Other Incentives for Doing Business in India


There are various incentives available to businesses in India depending on their economic activity, industry, location, and size of the firm.

Starting a Business in Bangladesh: Common Legal Entity Options


We explain the corporate establishment process in Bangladesh and compare popular entity options available for foreign investors who want to set up here.


Specialty Steel Industry Gets PLI Scheme: Which Target Segments Have Been Identified for Incentives?


Starting from 2023-24 for a 5-year period, it will benefit major steel players and downstream manufacturing MSMEs.

India’s Fintech Market: Growth Outlook and Investment Opportunities


India has the third largest fintech ecosystem globally and 67 percent of more than 2,100 fintech entities in operation have been set up in the last five years.

How Maharashtra Intends to Become an Electric Vehicle Hub in India


The Maharashtra government facilitates adoption of electric vehicles through price drop incentives and subsidies for both consumers and manufacturers.

Electric Vehicle Industry in India: Why Foreign Investors Should Pay Attention


The electric vehicle industry in India benefits from 100% FDI allowed, new manufacturing incentives, and increased subsidies under FAME-II.

India’s IT Sector: Regional Hubs, Approved PLI Beneficiaries for Hardware Production


We look at the latest developments boosting the investment viability of India's IT sector, including push for local hardware manufacturing and 5G trials.

India's Cleantech Start-Up Ecosystem


India’s cleantech start-up ecosystem is supported by hyperlocal players, a mix of public-private funding, and production incentives for specific industries.

HR & Payroll

What are India’s Latest Guidelines on International Travel?


India continues to impose international travel restrictions due to COVID-19, with certain exceptions.

COVID-19 in India: Live Updates


This page provides daily updates on the coronavirus outbreak in India, including tracking new cases and the COVID vaccine roll-out.

How Labor Market Intelligence Can Strengthen Your India Market Relocation Strategy


An effective labor market study will help company decision makers, such as C-suite executives, to make an informed choice that is best suited to the business.

Haryana Reserves 75% Private Sector Jobs for Locals, In Force from May 1, 2021


As the north Indian state of Haryana looks to implement an employment quota in the private sector, we assess the government rationalisation and its potential market impact.

A Guide to Minimum Wage in India in 2021


In this article we answer some frequently asked questions foreign hiring managers may have regarding the minimum wage in India.

India’s New Labor Codes: A Brief Note for Foreign Investors


Businesses will find that the new codes will make it easier for them to manage labor compliance and implement flexible staffing practices.

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