Guide to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone

In this issue:

  • Key Industries Encouraged Under the Shanghai FTZ
  • Establishing a Company in the Shanghai FTZ
  • Opportunities in the Logistics Sector in the Shanghai FTZ

This year has seen some exciting changes in China’s foreign investment landscape as the government explores new ways to lessen previous restrictions on doing business in China. Most recently, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ), seen as the testing ground of China’s economic reforms, has garnered a lot of attention. We along with many foreign investors are very interested to see what opportunities and benefits it will offer. To this end, we have been in close contact with officials in the Zone to learn about its establishment procedures and preferential policies available to various industries in the zone.

In this month’s issue of China Briefing, we introduce the simplified company establishment procedure unique to the zone and the loosening of capital requirements to be applied nation wide this March. Further, we cover the requirements for setting up a business in the medical, e-commerce, value-added telecommunications, shipping, and banking & finance industries in the zone. We hope this will help you better gauge opportunities in the zone for your particular business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like our assistance in further exploring opportunities in the FTZ.



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