Human Resources in China (Second Edition)

Published: December 2010

Due to the rapidly changing nature of the labor market and the laws that govern it in China, it can be very difficult for foreign investors and managers to understand how to manage human resources on the mainland. Specifically designed to cover the most important issues relating to managing a Chinese workforce, this guide details the HR issues that both local managers in China and investors looking to establish a presence on the mainland should be aware about.

This guide covers the following topics:
  • Recruiting Professionals in China
  • Issues to Consider When Initially Hiring Staff
  • Designing Labor Contracts
  • Structuring Salary Packages
  • China’s Social Security System
  • Managing the Monthly Payroll Process
  • Calculating Individual Income Tax
  • Labor Unions
  • Terminating the Employment Relationship
  • Severance Pay and its Tax Treatment
  • Organizing Visas for Foreign Staff in China
  • Human Resources & Payroll in China (Part 2 of 2) presented by Adam Livermore

    Adam Livermore discusses the HR and Payroll situation in China. In this particular session, he took questions the audience had from the first podcast and provided clarifying, enlightening information.


  • Human Resources & Payroll in China (Part 1 of 2) presented by Adam Livermore

    Adam Livermore answers popular questions concerning Human Relations and Payroll in China. Adam crystalizes the current payroll and human relations concerns in China. He took the most common mistakes firms make when in China, and provides information to allow firms to avoid those mistakes.


  • China's Social Security Sytem

    Through an introduction to the five different types of Social Security in China, Adam Livermore illuminates the current regulations, benefits, and consequences of China's Social Security System. The five types of Social Security include: pension, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance.


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