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  • What is Asia Briefing Ltd?

    Asia Briefing Ltd is a publishing and media company that has been offering insights into doing business in Asia since 1999. Our products include technical and regional magazines and guidebooks, business news websites and newsletters.

  • In what regions do you specialize?

    We cover all major Asian markets, with magazines and websites devoted to China, India, Vietnam, Russia and Mongolia.

  • In what languages does Asia Briefing media publish?

    English is the primary language in which we publish, but we also offer French, German, Italian and Spanish versions of the popular China Briefing magazine and website.

  • Through which channels does Asia Briefing publish its content?

    The Asia Briefing brand includes six magazines, eight websites, four newsletters and over twenty technical and regional guidebooks. These include the China, India, Vietnam, Russia and Mongolia Briefing magazines, their respective websites, and the 2point6billion emerging-Asia blog. Browse the Asia Briefing bookstore website for more information on individual titles or download our media kit at:
    To visit the websites directly, please reference the links below:

  • What are the advertising options with Asia Briefing Media?

    Asia Briefing offers advertising in each of the China, India, Vietnam, Russia and Mongolia Briefingmagazines, their respective websites, and technical guide books. Advertising is also available, a popular lifestyle resource for foreigners in China, and, anemerging-Asia centric blog. The Asia Briefing and China Expat weekly newsletters also offeradvertising. All ad prices, sizes, statistics and key dates are available in the Asia Briefing mediakit:

  • Does Asia Briefing have a social media presence?

    Yes, all Asia Briefing Media affiliated brands have a social media presence, in either one or acombination of Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Flickr. They are updated daily with the latestnews and insights on doing business in Asia.

    • Asia Briefing Media - Facebook
    • Asia Briefing Media - Twitter
    • Asia Briefing Media - Flickr
    • Dezan Shira - Twitter
    • Dezan Shira - LinkedIn
    • China Briefing - Twitter
    • India Briefing - Twitter
    • Vietnam Briefing - Twitter
    • Mongolia Briefing - Twitter
    • Russia Briefing - Twitter
    • Emerging Asia - Twitter
    Does Asia Briefing host any events?

    Yes, we routinely put together seminars aimed at informing international business executives oncrucial legal, tax and accounting issues when conducting business in China, India, Vietnam, andother regions of emerging Asia.

    If you organize business conferences or seminars, you should also know that Asia Briefing isinterested in such opportunities and has been a media sponsor to numerous high-scaleconferences, such as the 2012 “Hot Markets Watch” held by the US Commercial Service.

    Our event partnership brochure with more details can be accessed via the Asia Briefing websitethrough the following link: or email:

  • What is the Asia Briefing Business Partner Program?

    The Asia Briefing Business Partner Program provides the opportunity for other organizations to work with Asia Briefing in a cooperative, non-adversarial way to improve their visibility and expand their marketing channels. Benefits of the program include:

    • Website links and company logos on Asia Briefing websites
    • Use of our database for event publicity
    • Use of marketing channels and resources

    For more information, please email:

  • Contact Information

    For advertising inquiries, please email:

    For Asia Briefing Bookstore, please email:

    For questions about Dezan Shira & Associates, please visit:

  • Who writes Asia Briefing?

    Asia Briefing’s content is written by our editorial staff, based in Shanghai, and the staff of our parent company Dezan Shira & Associates - a specialty foreign investment firm with offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam and Singapore. For a detailed list of the staff involved in the production of our material, you can visit our “About Us” page by clicking here.

    For a possible correction, or to reach the editorial department, please e-mail

    For any other questions regarding content, syndications, or partnerships, please visit our “Contact” page by clicking here.


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