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Business Now Issue 6 2016

Published: October 2016

To discuss the potential impact of either a Trump or Clinton presidency to US-China relations, AmCham China's Business Now magazine asks experts to weigh in on the foreign policy of both and best practices for companies before and after Nov. 8. Then, in this issue’s In-Depth Interview, Su Cheng Harris-Simpson talks about how she learned to embrace her title as a social entrepreneur and the work she does to support women-owned businesses entering the global supply chain. Other don’t-miss features in this edition touch on the B20, artificial intelligence, restrictions on foreign law firms and the protectionist policies of China.

Business Now Issue 5 2016

Published: August 2016

In this issue’s in-depth interview, Sabine Hoppe of Siemens comments on the mounting challenges for export/import professionals. This month’s member columnists take on millennials, small talk, integrity in leadership and cross-border e-commerce. Learn more about the AmCham China community and how it’s changed over the last 35 years in this edition of the “Chamber Legacy” series. Lastly, we present what our community’s business leaders are reading, all great books to change the way you do business and view the challenging environment in China.

Business Now Issue 4 2016

Published: July 2016

For its second annual Innovation Issue, Business Now highlights areas of creativity and technical ingenuity where foreign companies are significantly supporting domestic innovation. Drones and self-driving cars both usher in a new era of robotic autonomy. Learn how China measures up to innovation around the world. Then, in this issue’s in-depth interview, Alan Beebe, the new President of AmCham China, describes his journey to becoming a respected consultant for multinationals across Asia – and why he left that to lead AmCham China. Columns from this month’s member contributors address the expectation gap in government affairs, plus two pieces on important changes to personal tax and business tax. Lastly, learn a little about how AmCham China has improved the business environment for foreign companies operating in China over the last 35 years in this edition of the “Chamber Legacy” series.

Business Now Issue 3 2016

Published: June 2016

This issue takes on the most talked-about reform in China: the foreign NGO management law. Then, in this issue’s in-depth interview, Elizabeth Knup of the Ford Foundation describes how her team stays focused during a time of scrutiny. Columns from this month’s member contributors touch on taxes, risk management, investment and healthcare. Lastly, don’t miss out on a Q&A with Gary Gensler, CFO for the Hillary Clinton campaign and memorable quotes from this year’s APCAC Business Conference.

Business Now Issue 2 2016

Published: May 2016

Business Now zooms out to look at the broader Asia-Pacific region. Regional experts give their take on US-Asia relations with respect to security, trade, investment and finance, including an article by Evan Feigenbaum of the Paulson Institute and an interview with Catherine Simmons, Citibank’s Head of Government Affairs for Asia Pacific. In this issue’s in-depth interview, Jose Garza of Boeing talks about the piece of advice he got at the start of the career that helped catapult him into global leadership. Columns from members this issue touch on a wide range of topics, from the Five-Year Plan to HR to venture capital.

Business Now Issue 1 2016

Published: February 2016

In the first issue of the year, Business Now offers two stories looking at the RMB – one examining what the RMB joining the IMF’s basket of currencies means for China, and one looking at the wild ride the RMB has taken so far in 2016. Further into the issue, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Tami Overby shares her war stories of talking IPR with Korean officials in the 1990s and why TPP is so essential to the future of US economic relations in Asia. Other stories of note: a doctor's take on air pollution in China and Dan Harris of the China Law Blog reviews Unmade in China.

Business Now December 2015

Published: December 2015

The December issue of Business Now provides insight into what’s fueling Chinese investor’s home buying bonanza in the US. Keeping with the real estate theme, this month’s reform report looks at how the government’s special economic zones may shift where business – especially in high-tech – happens in China. Other must-reads in the magazine include advice on how to stand out in global meetings and an examination of breast cancer prevalence and care in China.

Business Now November 2015

Published: November 2015

The November issue of Business Now puts the spotlight on One Belt, One Road. Everyone is eager to talk about it, but how can American businesses benefit from this initiative? A package of three stories about the new Silk Road puts the initiative in its historical context and shares examples of how American companies are already making the most of the opportunities.

Business Now October 2015

Published: October 2015

Human resources has become a major challenge for many companies adjusting to the new normal. In the October issue, AmCham China members share the sense of urgency to become strategic within HR departments. Listen to what HR directors from ConocoPhillips, Cummins, IBM, Amazon Web Service, MetLife and many more have to say. Then, the Comment section features advice on how to shine at a conference. The In-Depth Interview series puts the mic in front of Blue Frog Founder Bob Boyce, who says his business struggled in the early days until he found the problem – himself. Learn about how he got out of his business’ own way and created a successful restaurant chain around China.

Business Now September 2015

Published: September 2015

The September issue spotlights healthcare in China, from how new indoor smoking bans are helping business to the regulations impacting the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. In the latest installment of our In-Depth Interview series, United Family Healthcare’s Sylvia Pan shares her experiences in the PLA and nearly 20 years with UFH. Read on for more from our members, including a column on “Creating Fairness in the Workplace,” a special report on “Made in China 2025,” plus a feature on what the Beijing 2022 Olympics will mean for foreign business and the local environment.

Business Now August 2015

Published: August 2015

Innovation – it’s the secret ingredient China hopes to add to its economic rise. It stands as a national imperative, a prerequisite for moving up in global dominance. This issue highlights a few of the many ways Americans and American companies are supporting this push for innovation, including IBM, GE and Goldman Sachs. Then, featured columnists touch on gender stereotypes for executives, how Chinese and American bosses can best lead and the latest on merger policies. Keep reading for interviews with Lin Gao of Intellect Associates and Paul Johannes of Qatar Airways, plus a profile of influential art curator Gao Minglu.

Business Now June 2015

Published: June 2015

First up, the cover story takes a closer look into how the mobile device in your hand (or on your wrist) revolutionizes how hotels and travel companies attract and cater to Chinese tourists. Read it to see what member companies Marriott and Qunar are doing. Visas are the second factor shaking up the travel industry. The US and China reached bilateral agreements last November that allow travel visas to last up to 10 years. The increase in Chinese travelers coming to the US between 2006 and 2013 was 464 percent. The next five years may see an even more dramatic change. Then, in a special report, the Government Affairs Team looks at the current plans to integrate Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province into a regional economic hub. While integration could produce many positive outcomes – decrea

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