China 2024 FDI Trends - New Report from Dezan Shira & Associates

Published: November 2023

In this unique report, Dezan Shira & Associates examine the 2023 and 2024 FDI trends into China - and uncover significant changes in sources moving away from the United States to be replaced by funding from the Middle East. This has specific China and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) geo-political and global capital routing implications. We provide an essential look into what 2024 holds for foreign investors, VC, PE and institutional investors with interests in China - and the Gulf nations.

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2023 has been a mixed year for foreign direct investment into China, with US political pressure putting stress on the amount of FDI coming into the country.  Yet Beijing has been making efforts to diversify its FDI sources, and has been paying special attention to developing new, packaged FDI routes from the Middle East. 

In this unique study, we illustrate with 2022 and 2023 data analysis how China's FDI trends are changing - and how this will likely supercharge the GCC countries, in particular, as a source of hundreds of billions of dollars of investment into China over the coming years.

As both the NYSE and Shanghai stock exchanges sign agreements with Dubai, and the Kuwaiti government establishes a sovereign wealth fund office in China, we look at what this means for China's inbound investment and the rise of the Middle East as a global hub for international investment capital and distribution.

This unique report looks at what 2024 holds for all  foreign investors, VC, PE, and institutional investors, lawyers, M&A firms and tax professionals with interests in China, the United States, and the integration of the Gulf nations into global financing flows. 

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