Investing in India’s Green Economy

Published: December 2023

Economic growth hinges on equitable resource distribution and the adoption of emerging technologies, such as renewables, electric vehicles, and resource-efficient buildings. In response to escalating concerns about climate change, policymakers and investors in India are increasingly prioritizing sustainability, taking note of pollution indices, and assessing clean resource availability. Since environmental considerations impact workforce productivity and consumption patterns, they are gaining prominence on the C-suite agenda, influencing corporate infrastructure, product branding, specialist recruitment, and ESG compliance. Within this context, this India Briefing magazine issue discusses India's green economy, outlining investment opportunities, challenges, and showcasing startups in the sector. Foreign investors that align their plans with UNSDG goals and India’s commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2070 will find ample business opportunities and government support.

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Amid mounting concerns about climate change and environmental impact, policymakers and investors are increasingly prioritizing sustainability goals. These factors not only impact pollution indices and the availability of clean resources but also influence workforce productivity.

Robust economic growth and high-quality development rely on equitable resource distribution and the adoption of emerging technologies, especially as India seeks to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070. Renewables, electric vehicles, resource-efficient buildings, low-carbon transport, and waste management facilities are at the forefront of this paradigm shift, poised to drive future economic expansion.

In this edition of India Briefing Magazine, we offer a comprehensive overview of India's green economy, showcasing business opportunities and associated challenges. We discuss India's major environmental goals and opportunities for solution-driven investments as well as the legal and compliance landscape.

Leveraging our extensive experience in supporting foreign companies in Asia, Dezan Shira & Associates is well-positioned to assist your company in attaining its growth in green sectors. With strategically located offices across India, we offer invaluable local insights and expertise. For more information, please contact us at india@dezshira.com.

In this magazine:

  • The Scope for Foreign Investment in India’s Green Growth Challenge P. 04
  • Business Opportunities in the Green Tech Market P. 10
  • Environmental Compliance for Companies: Key Legislation and Reporting Norms P. 14
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