Malaysia’s Economic Transition: From Plantations and Palm Oil to Tech and Green Energy

Published: November 2022

Our latest issue of Asian Investment Research (AIR) is a unique, in-depth report into Malaysia’s key economic and investment environment, complete with detailed project tracking through mid-2022, as well as sector growth and opportunity prospect analysis for financial and corporate investors alike.

It contains unique data unavailable elsewhere and provides a current and in-depth look into Malaysia’s accelerating investment environment. Based on activity over the past two years, we provide specific in-country M&A deal data and analysis for dozens of capital market, PE and VC investments made across key top performing, and emerging sectors.

Sectors in focus include financial services, health services, manufacturing, mining, construction and others; Core infrastructure projects, including data centers, telecoms, ports and logistics; while we also review Malaysia’s rising and breakout sectors in renewable energy, EV, digital, biofuels, and more.

This vital intelligence report will be of interest to all banks, investment funds, and corporate businesses looking to invest into Malaysia and the ASEAN and RCEP free trade regions.

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