Mergers and Acquisitions in India

Published: June 2022

In this latest issue of India Briefing Magazine, we analyze the latest merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in India, including hot sectors for deals and trends shaping future developments, most prominently the role of digital disruptors and startup unicorns. This issue also walks readers through the regulatory landscape governing India’s M&A ecosystem and provides a guide to relevant technical procedures and compliances to successfully navigate the deal-making process in the country.

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In the rapidly transforming business landscape, C-suite executives are developing agile and adaptable techniques to embrace new disruptive business realities through acquisitions, amalgamations, and fundraising. Such considerations have exponentially spurred merger and acquisition (M&A) deal activity, both in India and worldwide. Consequently, despite economic headwinds, 598 deals valued at US$112.07 billion took place in 2021 in India.

The COVID-19 pandemic also facilitated this growth in deal activity as it gave rise to several multi-sector digital disruptors in finance, retail, technology, logistics, etc. Other enabling factors include the convergence of mobility and digital commerce, the metaverse, and virtual evolution of services, such as for health and wellness. The 2022-23 M&A outlook for India is thus pivoted towards future growth engines like digital, renewables, electric vehicles, Healthtech, FinTech, etc. where alongside large corporations, startup unicorns are also becoming major acquirers.

In this issue of India Briefing Magazine, we analyze the latest M&A activity in India, focusing on the sectors gaining the most traction, and dissect how these trends will shape future developments. We also walk you through the regulatory landscape governing the Indian M&A ecosystem and provide a comprehensive guide to the relevant technical procedures required to successfully navigate the M&A dealmaking process in India.

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