The 2016/17 ASEAN Tax Comparator

Published: June 2016

In this issue of ASEAN Briefing, we examine regional taxation in ASEAN through a comparison of corporate, indirect, and withholdings taxation. We further present an overview of the compliance environments found across the region and analyze ASEAN’s tax environment in the context of the time and documentation required in each country.

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  • No. of Pages: 12 pages

In this issue of ASEAN Briefing:

  • An Introduction to Taxation in ASEAN
  • ASEAN Tax Rate Comparator
  • Putting Rates into Perspective: ASEAN’s Compliance Landscape in 2016 and Beyond 

Following the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community, investment opportunities within the Association of South East Asian Nations have never been greater. As reductions in trade barriers have been implemented, the resulting equity in ASEAN’s trading environment has placed increasing pressure on members to differentiate themselves from one another through alternative means. Taxation, having been left out of regional integration accords, has rapidly emerged as a centerpiece of many national competitiveness strategies. The resulting drive to attract investment through adjustments in rates of taxation, in addition to creating a stimulating environment for foreign investors, has also had the added effect of slowly bringing regional taxation regimes into sync.

In this edition of ASEAN Briefing, we discuss the importance of taxation within ASEAN, while highlighting the differences between individual member states on a variety of fronts. We examine trends within regional taxation, compare rates of corporate, indirect, and withholdings taxation, and present an overview of the compliance environments found across the region. Finally, we analyze ASEAN’s tax rates in the context of the time and documentation required to achieve compliance, and showcase the role that residency definitions can play in determining operational exposure to taxation.

As ASEAN continues its process towards full integration, those companies able to assess taxation and implement investment strategies accordingly will be well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the 10 nation bloc. With our specialized business intelligence, tax and compliance, and market entry knowledge within ASEAN, Dezan Shira & Associates is well positioned to assist companies in their efforts to survey their options within the region, and establish their operations to take advantage of Asia’s newest growth markets

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