China Briefing

China Briefing

UPDATE: Finalized China Data Protection Measures for Industrial and Telecom Companies Released


China's MIIT released the final version of the Measures for Data Security Management in the Field of Industry and Information Technology after two rounds of public comments. The document will come into force on January 1, 2023.

China Briefing

The Low-Code/No-Code Industry in China: Opportunities for Foreign Investors


China’s low-code/no-code market is the fastest growing worldwide and projected to reach US$1.4 billion by 2024. We discuss the appeal for investors.

China Briefing

New Specifications for Cross-Border Processing of Personal Information for MNCs


We discuss the requirements for MNCs in China to engage in cross-border personal information processing.

China Briefing

“Eastern Data, Western Computing” - China’s Big Plan to Boost Data Center Computing Power Across Regions


China data centers will be further expanded in a new plan that seeks to improve efficiency and capacity by sending eastern data to western regions.

China Briefing

China’s Internet of Vehicles - New Guidelines Set Framework for Industry Standards


China's IoV industry will soon be subject to more data and cybersecurity standards. We examine the types of standards and technical requirements.

China Briefing

How to Sign an Electronic Labor Contract in China: Your Step-by-Step Guide


We explain some of the key steps and legal and technical security considerations for employers in China when executing their electronic labor contracts.

China Briefing

China’s Regulatory Plans for Technology Companies and the Platform Economy in 2022


New government document shows that Beijing will continue to rein in the tech industry in areas of antitrust, data and algorithm security, and fintech regulation.

China Briefing

How Does China View NFTs and What Are its Market Prospects?


While China is cautious about the financialization of NFTs and crypto is a no-go area, market prospects abound with the participation of leading tech players and credible platforms.

India Briefing

India Briefing

India's Semiconductor Sector: Tracking Government Support and Investment Trends


We track India's efforts to facilitate foreign investment into its indigenous semiconductor industry (developing fabs. chip design, ATMP).

India Briefing

Technology-Enabled Changes in the Audit Compliance Landscape in India


We discuss how emerging technologies hold the potential to transform the field of auditing by leveraging software-as-a-service platforms as well as incorporating artificial intelligence, automation, drones, and more. Moreover, India's corporate affairs authority mandates the adoption of specific software-enabled tracking, such as audit trails.

India Briefing

Digital India Bill 2023: Key Provisions, Stakeholder Perspectives


We discuss the key provisions of the Digital India Bill 2023, set to replace India's existing Information Technology Act of 2000, and the concerns of industry stakeholders. Various media reports indicate the Bill will soon be circulated for public feedback.

India Briefing

Google Loses Bid to Block Indian Android Antitrust Ruling, Assures Cooperation with CCI


India’s antitrust regulator CCI has levied a $161 million fine on Google and ordered it to lift restrictions on device manufacturers like pre-installation of Google apps.

India Briefing

RBI Extends Deadline for Implementation of Card Tokenization Till Sept 30, 2022


By September 30, 2022, digital payments compliance in India will require mandatory deletion of card-on-file details, thereby opening space for fintech disruptors.

India Briefing

Why Are Industry Players Unhappy with India’s New Cybersecurity Directives?


Among other concerns, India’s new cybersecurity directives, in effect from June 2022, challenge norms of user privacy and dramatically increase compliances.

India Briefing

What Trends are Driving the Fintech Revolution in India?


We discuss major trends shaping the future of Fintech in India and break down how the Fintech market is evolving in key service and technology segments.

India Briefing

Profiling India's EdTech Industry: A Multi Billion Dollar Opportunity


We profile the latest trends in the Indian Edtech industry whose valuation is pegged at US$30 billion by 2032. India has 5 Edtech unicorns as of Jan. 2022.

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam Briefing

8 Regulations and Policies Supporting Startups in Vietnam


Vietnam's startup sector benefits from a myriad of supportive policies and regulations. Here’s eight of them.

Vietnam Briefing

Investing in Vietnamese Startups: Quick Guide 2023


Vietnam’s startup sector is booming. Here’s a quick overview of how the sector is developing.

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam Tasks Government Agencies to Prepare Legal Framework for Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Assets


Vietnam's Deputy PM has asked the relevant government agencies to develop a legal framework for cryptocurrencies and virtual assets.

Vietnam Briefing

What Are Digital Signatures and What Businesses Need to Know


Vietnam Briefing looks at the concept of digital and e-signatures in Vietnam and businesses need to know when using them to complete contracts.

Vietnam Briefing

COVID-19: Transitioning Your Business for Remote Work in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing offers practical advice on how businesses can mitigate the disruption to their work and operations by using remote tools.

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam's New Incentives for Science and Technology Firms


The government has announced new incentives such as corporate tax cuts and exemptions, and credit incentives for science and technology enterprises. Read more to know about government support and incentives which aims to promote scientific and technologic

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam: Registration of Technology Transfer Now Mandatory


Registration of technology transfer agreements has been made mandatory since July 1, 2018, which will enable government authorities to keep a track of all transfers.

ASEAN Briefing

ASEAN Briefing

Singapore Cybersecurity Draft Amendment Bill: Public Consultation Ends Jan. 15


The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore is seeking views on the draft Cybersecurity (Amendment) Bill until January 15, 2024. We list key threats that are being addressed by the Bill.

ASEAN Briefing

Thailand and Hong Kong Launch Cross-Border QR Payments


Thailand’s central bank and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority launched a new cross-border QR payment links.

ASEAN Briefing

Catalyzing Connections: Australia's Path to Amplify Digital Trade in Southeast Asia


Australia launched its latest Digital Economy Strategy with a focus on leveraging digital technologies and enhancing digital trade, particularly with Southeast Asia.

ASEAN Briefing

Indonesia's Social Media E-Commerce Ban: Navigating Regulatory Changes


Indonesia's ban on social media e-commerce transactions will significantly affect key players such as TikTok and their business development.

ASEAN Briefing

Indonesia Allows Stock Market Multiple Voting Rights to Lure Tech Listings


Indonesia’s OJK Regulation No. 22/2021 allows tech companies to have multiple voting rights when they conduct an IPO in the country's stock exchange.

ASEAN Briefing

How to Get a Cybersecurity License in Singapore


Cybersecurity vendors in Singapore must apply for a license if they provide certain types of services. We answer FAQs including eligibility for fee reduction.

ASEAN Briefing

Vietnam to Build First Hydrogen Plant, Coal to Still be Dominant Power Source


Vietnam will build its first hydrogen plant, slated to be finished in 2023. However, the country will continue to rely on fossil fuels, especially coal.

ASEAN Briefing

Singapore Signs Digital Trade Deal With the UK


The UK-Singapore Digital Economy Agreement aims to advance end-to-end digital trade and encourage digital economy participation by businesses.

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