15th China International Anti- Corruption Compliance Summit 2024

Beijing, China

Oct 24, 2024

Event Highlights:

★ Deep Interpretation of China New-Unfair Competition Law

Recent Actions and Investigations in FCPA and UKBA Enforcement and Policy Updates

★ Latest Developments on GDPR, Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Data Security Law, Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law and Anti-Espionage Law

★ Best Practices for Third-Party Due Diligence and Risk Control

★ Guidance and Case Analyses on Conducting Effective Investigations

★ Multi-Jurisdictional Coordination between USDOJ, SEC and SAMR

★ How to Use New Technology to Strengthen Your Compliance System

Non-Prosecution of Criminal Compliance and ESG Compliance

★ Hundreds of Participants from Leading Companies Discussing Latest Developments, Challenges and Cases regarding Anti-Corruption and Compliance Field

★ Hearing Firsthand Experiences in Business Operations Compliance, and Learn from Recent Case Studies


If you would like to know more details such as detailed agenda, registration process or sponsorship opportunity, please feel free to contact:

Helen Su

Organizing Committee

Anti-Corruption Compliance Team

Tel. +86 (0) 27 8788 7590

Email: Helen.Su@linworld-group.com


Beijing, China

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