21st Annual B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2024

Shanghai, China

Jan 24, 2024

2023 is an extraordinary year that To B marketers enter a new era: from high-speed growth to high-quality growth with sustainability and steady expansion and from aggressive initiatives to excessive anti-risk and cost decision making. Everything may be more different than expected. Many To B marketers are slowly entering a running-in stage with uncertainty. The new technology is booming in the To B marketing field with the label of "nice-to-have" and is bringing many new problems at the same time.

This time we will focus on the next generation of customer mindsets” NeoMindset”. As a CMO summit in the To B industry, we focus on "starting from the customer's mind" to deconstruct the big changes of the entire marketing ecology: from the global economy to the change of the industry chain to the change of customer mentality, subdivided into the journey of each stage, we look at the change of CMO mentality to the team to the use and iteration of marketing strategies and tools. From "Tao" to "Technique", we will usher in a big change and a new era of To B marketing!


我们回到原点,着重探讨新一代的客户心智NeoMindset。作为ToB 行业的CMO峰会,我们将重心放在了“从客户心智出发” 解构整个营销生态的大变局:从全球经济到产业链变化到客户心智的变化,细分到每个阶段的旅程,我们再看一下CMO的心智的变化到团队到营销策略和工具的使用和迭代。 从“道“ 到“术”,我们将迎来ToB 营销的大变局和新纪元!

Featured Attending Benefits / 为什么参会 :

• Global ConsignIndex keeps focusing on B2B marketing over 12 years;

• 80+ B2B marketing KOLs confirmed!They are from MNC & local best practice companies;

• Day 1: 10 prominent keynotes & Day 2&3:4 plenary track each day;
首日主题演讲以及第二、第三天每天4大专题分会场:覆盖Marketing 主要核心模块:前端、后端、品牌、PR、CorCom/MarCom等;

• The opportunity for in-depth communication with speakers;

• Over 95% speakers are from the first party companies across 30 vertical B2B industries;

• Pure B2B Marketing Platform: Best Practice and Sharing (before event: group discussion; post event: video sharing)

Day 1:
MAIN CONFERENCE – NeoMindset 客户新智——挖掘客户购买力的新策略

Day 2:
Track A - Martech & ChatGPT | 新数智科技
Track B - ABM & B2B Sales | ABM探索
Track C - Branding & PR | 品牌策略
Track D - Neo-Mindset | 客户心智

Day 3
Track E - Digital Revolution | 数智革命
Track F - Growth Marketing | 增长营销
Track G - Influencer & Content | 生态营销
Track H - Neo-Workforce | 新时代市场人

CC2024: NeoMindset - New Strategies For Tapping Into Customer Purchasing Power Focus on / 客户新智——挖掘客户购买力的新策略
MarTech / 营销技术
ChatGPT & AIGC /人工智能
Market Intelligence / 企业智库
Go2Market / 新市场策略
Localization & Go Global / 企业出海&入海策略
ABM / 大客户营销策略
NeoWorkforce / 新时代营销人
Legal & Data Compliance / 法律与数据合规
Compliance & Risk / 合规&风险
NeoEvent / 新活动体验整合营销
NeoMindset / 客户心智
Market Growth / 市场增长
lP Marketing / IP网蓝营销
Culture / 企业文化
Branding & PR / 品牌价值 & PR3.0
Challenge & Dynamics / 新挑战
B2B Sales / 销售赋能
B2B Brand Protection,IPR / 品牌保护&知识产权

More Topics / 更多精彩演讲话题
• Competitor analysis in b2b marketing regime under emergent market demand
• Go Global vs. Localization
企业出海营销 vs 入海营销
• Data-driven digital marketing case sharing
•Improve marketing efficiency through digital process optimization
• How to put marketing first and put customers in the
focus of digital marketing
•Success factors for digital transformation


Event Contact Details:
E-mail: macs@consignindex.com
Phone: + 86 21 5631 3008


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Shanghai, China

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