Unlocking Vietnam's Digital Potential: Prospects for FDI and Government Support

Webinar | Wednesday, April 17, 2024 | 3:30 PM Vietnam / 4:30 PM Singapore / 10:30 AM CEST

Apr 17, 2024

Vietnam aims to establish itself as a leading digital economy and society through its National Digital Transformation Agenda.

Vietnam's Information and Communication Infrastructure Master Plan encompasses the expansion of high-speed internet, eco-friendly data centers, and dedicated IT parks. Additionally, it places a strong emphasis on robust cybersecurity measures to establish the country as a leading network security hub in Asia by 2030. Investors interested in capitalizing on opportunities within Vietnam's digital economy should align their products and services with the objectives outlined in the Master Plan, with Vietnam’s government creating an environment that fosters technological innovation in ICT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and e-government through regulatory and incentive-based measures.

With a goal of the digital economy contributing 30% to its GDP by 2030, this commitment is opening unprecedented opportunities in various sectors.

Radomir Tomovic, Manager, International Business Advisory at Dezan Shira & Associates will delve into the opportunities and challenges presented by Vietnam's digital economy, focusing on key topics including:

  • Vietnam’s digital economy and the industries driving its growth
  • Regulatory framework and government support measures in Vietnam
  • Vietnam’s labor market and availability of relevant experts
  • Opportunities in Industry 4.0
  • Q&As


The webinar is free of admission.


Webinar | Wednesday, April 17, 2024 | 3:30 PM Vietnam / 4:30 PM Singapore / 10:30 AM CEST

  • Radomir Tomovic

    Manager, International Business Advisory

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