Asia ESG and Sustainability Summit 2022

Summit | October 13 2022- October 14 2022 | Singapore

Oct 13, 2022

Coping with climate change has become an urgent challenge facing human society in the 21st century and has attracted more and more attention from the market. How to respond to climate change and firmly decarbonize is the most important. Promoting green development has become a global consensus. According to St. James's place, two-thirds of Singapore investors consider environmental, social and Governance (ESG) and sustainable development as investment considerations, and the higher the income, the more important it is.

The summit will invite consulting companies, financial institutions, industry experts, and senior executives in the fields of retail, daily chemicals, agriculture, food and beverage to share practical cases from the hot topics such as ESG regulations and standards, the latest development situation of ESG information disclosure, enterprise practice, supply chain construction, biodiversity, low-carbon technology solutions and how digitization can help carbon neutralization, Provide valuable information and technical guidance for enterprises in achieving sustainable development goals and low-carbon transformation planning.


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Summit | October 13 2022- October 14 2022 | Singapore

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