The 2nd Asia Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2023


Oct 18, 2023
Event Background

Governments across the globe are signing legislation promising to battle climate change, reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet. Consumers also want to do their part, so that brands must offer sustainable options. But how does packaging unlock new sustainable opportunities?

This summit will gather packaging industry experts to discuss general background and trends of packaging in Asia and learn how to promote sustainable and circular packaging to help organizations achieve net-zero goals through circular economy in the region for a sustainable future.

Event Date/ Location / Organizer

October 18-19, 2023 / Singapore / ECV International

Event Highlights

20+ industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing;

100+ Professional Delegates from Top 2000 Companies;

On-site communication with industry leaders and leading enterprises;

This summit will discuss the regulations and market trends of packaging sustainability in Asia, share the sustainable value chain of packaging , probe into the application of advanced materials , explore sustainable packaging technology and printing technology, discuss how to promote the integration of industry and digital technology, drive the zero-carbon reform of packaging industry, so as to improve the implementation of sustainable development strategy, promote packaging R&D innovation and product differentiation, strengthen the packaging value chain and promote brand establishment and marketing of the enterprise.

Hot topics

Packaging Regulations in Asia;

Circularity of Plastic Food Packaging;

From Eco-design to Green Materials, the Pathway to Sustainable Packaging;

LCA Approach to Achieve Packaging Sustainability;

Sustainable Plastics Packaging under EU Legislation;

Application and Cost of Aluminum Packaging;

Panel Discussion: How Innovative Recycling Technology Enable Packaging Circular Economy?


Target Consumers

Consulting 、Food & Beverage 、Home Appliance 、Agriculture 、Daily Chemical 、Cosmetics 、Paper Packaging 、Plastic Packaging 、Ink Printing 、Label 、Chemical 、Materials 、Recycling 、Solutions 、Electronic 、Product 、Pharma......


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