Business Impacts of Biden and Trudeau’s Recent Asia Trip – a Q&A

Webinar | Wednesday, October 4, 2023 | 9:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM EDT

Oct 04, 2023

President Biden and Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau seized the opportunity presented by this year’s G20 summit held in New Delhi, India, to take whirlwind tours in Asia in September.  

During their visits to India and other strategic partner countries in the region, the North American leaders explored avenues for enhanced trade and forged significant symbolic gains. The United States celebrated milestone achievements in Vietnam, while Canada diligently worked towards bolstering trade agreements with dynamic partners such as Indonesia, India, and the ASEAN bloc.  

The implications of these discussions extend far into the medium and long-term future, promising to break down barriers and usher in new trade opportunities that both countries are committed to pursuing. 

Join us for an engaging virtual Q&A session led by Kyle Freeman, Partner and Head of the North American Client Services Desk. Discover the impact of Biden and Trudeau’s Asia tours on North American businesses and gain insights into the development of the two countries’ trade policy in Asia.  

This webinar is free to attend. Please contact Holly McCleery with any questions. 

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Webinar | Wednesday, October 4, 2023 | 9:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM EDT

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