Exploring Vietnam’s F&B Market: Key Trends, Strategic Export Tips, and EVFTA Opportunities

Webinar | Wednesday, June 26, 2024 | 3:00 PM Vietnam / 4:00 PM Singapore / 10:00 AM CET

Jun 26, 2024

Vietnam’s F&B market is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by a rising middle class, urbanization, and changing consumer preferences. Demand for imported food and beverages has soared, especially among the urban, millennial middle class eager to spend on foreign produce like imported meat, organic foods, snacks, and health supplements. With local supermarkets stocking Australian beef, Canadian lobster, and Norwegian salmon, European brands can leverage the EVFTA to offer high-quality agricultural staples.

Dezan Shira & Associates, represented by Vivie Wei, Country Director Vietnam, and the Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam, represented by Ngo Cat Thuong, Market Entry Consultant, have joined their expertise to provide a comprehensive briefing about the opportunities for foreign F&B players to succeed in Vietnam.

Key topics we will cover:

  • German Investment Status in Vietnam
  • Brief Overview of Vietnam Vietnam’s F&B Landscape
  • Consumer Profiles EVFTA and Its Benefits for Processed Products
  • Potential Selling Channels for the F&B Industry in Vietnam
  • Q&As

While Germany is presented as an example of a major European economy invested in Vietnam, we encourage all interested F&B exporters, regardless of their country of origin, to join the session to gain an understanding of how to establish a presence as a foreign F&B player in this 100-million-strong consumer market.

The free webinar will be hosted in English.


Webinar | Wednesday, June 26, 2024 | 3:00 PM Vietnam / 4:00 PM Singapore / 10:00 AM CET

  • Vivie Wei

    Country Director, Vietnam

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