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Future Woman Leader Summit & Awards 2018


Are you the next generation impactful women leader ? At the CEO level, worldwide, there are only 3% to 4% who are women. In this summit – find the challenges faced by women towards leadership and what stops them to travel that one extra mile, change mind-sets and perceptions about women and taking necessary steps towards woman leadership and empowerment. 

50% of the global population are Women and just one fourth of the world politicians are women. The ratio gets lesser when it comes to women at head of government positions which is only 7%.
To Empowering women with equal job, salary and leadership opportunities, we are strengthening their leadership skills with the medium of our conferences on Women Leadership.

Register today & avail early bird offer for the 3rd Edition Future Woman Leader Summit & Awards 2018. 

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Mumbai, India| November 23, 2018
St. Regis, Mumbai

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