This seminar will be in Chinese. 本次讲座语言为中文。

Like a finance audit, an HR audit is an independent and objective evaluation of the current state of an organization’s HR policies, practices, documentation, and systems. An HR audit can alert a company about hidden HR-related problems and errors, as well as possible compliance issues against a backdrop of China’s ever-evolving rules and regulations. This can allow an organization to establish best practices, thereby protecting it against possible operational and legal risk.

In this training session, Dezan Shira & Associates’ HR Senior Manager, David Niu, will introduce in detail about the importance of HR audit in China and how HR Audit can help the companies, especially foreign-invested companies, avoid HR related risks. Real cases will be shared to better explain the several audit models and how the audit resulted in the improvement of HR practice of the firms. 

Topics will cover:

·         Why the HR audit is especially important for foreign companies operating in China

·         How to conduct HR audit with an appropriate methodology

·         How the employee handbook can serve as a year-round safeguard against labor dispute in the Middle Kingdom 


14:30-15:00    Registration & Networking

15:00-15:40    Presentation

15:40-15:50    Tea Break  

15:50-16:30    Presentation & Case Studies

16:30-17:00    Q&A and Networking


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Nanjing, China l September 18, 2018
European Chamber Nanjing Office


  • David Niu

    Country of Origin: China
    Title: Senior Manager
    Department: Human Resources
    Office: Beijing Office

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