Introduction to Supplier Networks in Northern Vietnam

Webinar | Thursday, November 21st | 3PM ICT (GMT +7)

Nov 21, 2019

Global supply chain networks have been disrupted since the US-China Trade War began in January 2018, prompting several foreign investors to look for manufacturing alternatives.

Despite some challenges it presents, Vietnam and particularly Northern Vietnam, has quickly established itself as a serious alternative to China. The region is well-known for its advantageous position as hub for China Plus One manufacturing for investors with time sensitive production chains, especially when shipping components from factories in China.

Therefore, identifying local manufacturers that are qualified to make target components/products is one of primary objectives of the investors coming to Vietnam.

In this webinar, we will help investors have a better understanding about suppliers in Northern Vietnam, including:

  • Where are the main production facilities located?
  • What kinds of industry are local suppliers focusing on?
  • What should companies consider when sourcing suppliers in Vietnam?



Webinar | Thursday, November 21st | 3PM ICT (GMT +7)

  • Do Thanh Huyen

    Manager, Business Intelligence

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