Mastering Tax Compliance, Accounting Standards, and Audit Practices in Vietnam 2023/2024

Webinar | Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 4:00 PM Vietnam / 5:00 PM China / 10:00 AM CET

Mar 12, 2024

Professional tax planning remains pivotal for companies entering the Vietnamese market in 2024. Given the intricate and evolving nature of Vietnam's tax system, proactive tax planning is imperative. It equips stakeholders with a profound understanding of local tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements, crucial for shaping entry strategies and investment decisions. By structuring operations and transactions strategically, companies can minimize tax risks and maximize benefits. Furthermore, in the global context, with the emergence of the Global Minimum Tax, understanding its implications on multinational operations is crucial for businesses entering Vietnam. Additionally, staying updated and aware of reduced VAT and CIT rates in certain sectors underscores the importance of navigating the tax landscape comprehensively.  

Vy Nguyen, Manager of Corporate Accounting Services, alongside Patricia Aranguren Moliner, International Business Advisory will deliver a comprehensive briefing on tax dynamics applicable to enterprises and individuals in Vietnam. They will also delve into fundamental accounting principles and audit requisites tailored to the Vietnamese business milieu, providing essential insights for navigating the evolving tax landscape in 2024.  

Key points we will cover:  

  • Vietnam Tax Finalization 2023  
  • Audit compliance for foreign companies  
  • Key considerations of Profit repatriation  
  • New tax updates added in 2023, relevant for 2024 including global minimum tax and impact  
  • Q&As 

The webinar is free of admission. For more information or questions, please contact Julia Goeb, Marketing Lead Vietnam.  


Webinar | Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 4:00 PM Vietnam / 5:00 PM China / 10:00 AM CET

  • Vy Nguyen

    Manager, Corporate Accounting Services

  • Patricia Aranguren Moliner

    Senior Associate, International Business Advisory

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