Recruitment Essentials in Vietnam: Labor Market Dynamics, Legal Compliance, Employee Retention

Webinar | Thursday, December 14, 2023, | 3:30 PM Vietnam / 4:30 PM China / 9:30 AM CET

Dec 14, 2023

Vietnam boasts one of the most vibrant labor markets, not only in Southeast Asia but globally. With a burgeoning young and increasingly educated workforce, the country stands out as an attractive destination for foreign direct investment.

Despite the abundance of labor, it is still important to note that the labor market in Vietnam clearly leans towards the interests of employees. Employers must navigate various factors, including shorter probation periods, unwritten employee benefits, and intense competition for skilled talent. Additionally, companies with traditional structures face unique challenges in meeting the expectations of Generation Z. The increasing influx of foreign experts seeking employment in Vietnam further adds layers of complexity for international firms.

Considering the seasonal peak in hiring after the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, with elevated turnover in February and March, companies can effectively prepare for this season by gaining a comprehensive understanding of Vietnam's recruitment landscape.

In our webinar, Vivie Wei, Country Director of Dezan Shira & Associates Vietnam and Patricia Aranguren Moliner, International Business Advisor will share insights on

  • Overview of Vietnam’s Labor Market
  • Legal Framework for Employment for Local and Foreign Staff
  • Wage Development and Salary Expectations
  • Unwritten Characteristics of Vietnamese Work Culture 
  • Q&A

We especially recommend business owners, CHROs, foreign executives engaged in hiring, HR managers in Vietnamese firms to join as part of their preparation for 2024.

The webinar is free of admission.  


Webinar | Thursday, December 14, 2023, | 3:30 PM Vietnam / 4:30 PM China / 9:30 AM CET

  • Vivie Wei

    Country Director, Vietnam

  • Patricia Aranguren Moliner

    Senior Associate, International Business Advisory

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