Round Table Conference: Development Zones & Choosing a Location

Beijing, China | March 30, 2018

Mar 30, 2018

On March 30, EU Sino, in cooperation with BenCham, the EU SME Centre and ICI-Beijing B&R will hold a round table discussion. The panel, featuring Kyle Freeman, International Business Advisory Manager in Beijing, will consist of 10-12 specialists from a range of industries and backgrounds. Two main topics will be covered: breaking the clichés of development zones and how enterprises choose a location.

With multiple development zones, it can be tricky to distinguish which ones are successful and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Therefore choosing the ideal location for your business can also come with challenges.



2:00-2:15 Introduction by CEO of EU Sino Business Consulting

2:15-2:30 Introduction of Panel

2:30-3:30 Breaking the Clichés of Development Zones

3:30-3:45 Q&A

3:45-4:00 Coffee Break

4:00-5:00 How Enterprises Choose a Location

5:00-5:15 Q&A



This event is free of charge. To register or for further information, please click here.


Beijing, China | March 30, 2018

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