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Trade War - How to Ensure Your Business is Not a Trade War Casualty


Dezan Shira & Associates' International Business Advisory Assistant Manager, Valeria Manunza, will present on Trade War - How to ensure your buiness is not a trade war casualty with the Benelus Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen. 

In early July, US President Donald Trump followed through on months of threats to impose sweeping tariffs on China for its alleged unfair trade practices. The US has already slapped tariffs on US$250 billion worth of Chinese products, and has threatened tariffs on US$267 billion more. China, for its part, has set tariffs on US$110 billion worth of US goods, and is threatening qualitative measures that would affect US businesses operating in China. With neither Trump nor Chinese President Xi Jinping willing to back down, US-China trade tensions could erupt into a full-blown trade war. China’s own Ministry of Commerce warned that the dispute may even lead to “the largest trade war in economic history to date”.

In this seminar, Dezan Shira & Associates’ experts introduce in detail how does the trade war impact your business and what can you do about it?

Topics includes: 

  • Summary
  • A Time Line
  • Impact on the business environment in South China
  • Dezan Shira & Associates' Observations
  • Strategies for addressing tariffs
  • Case study

Dezan Shira & Associates is offering all registrations to enjoy a special price at RMB 100. 

How to register:

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Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China

The Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China strengthens the business, government and community ties between the Benelux countries and China.

Shenzhen, China | December 18, 2018 | 5:30pm-7pm


  • Valeria Manunza

    Country of Origin: Italy
    Title: Assistant Manager
    Department: International Business Advisory
    Office: Guangzhou Office

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