Withholding tax or retention tax is the amount which is deducted at source by the payer before making payments to the payee. It is government’s way to ensure that taxes are paid by deducting relevant tax amount from an individual or enterprise’s income.

On May 11, International Business Advisory Manager Sahil Aggarwal and Corporate Accounting Services Assistant Manager Ishtaa Jain will discuss ‘Withholding tax in India’.

Whether a foreign national is liable to pay Indian income tax is dependent on the individual’s physical presence in India, regardless of citizenship or the purpose of the stay. Therefore, for foreign nationals rendering services in India, it is important to understand the scope of taxable income and the related withholding tax implications in India.

Join us in this webinar to understand the rules and regulations pertaining to withholding tax in India and practical knowledge required to fulfil withholding tax obligations of your organization.

Sahil and Ishtaa’s presentation will cover:

  • Overview of withholding tax in India
  • Withholding tax on domestic payments
  • Withholding tax on international payments
  • Compliances for payer and payee
  • Implications of withholding tax in case of Non-residents and foreign companies operating in India
  • Recent updates

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Webinar | May 11, 2020| 2:30 - 3:30 PM IST


  • Ishtaa Jain , Alumna

    Country of Origin: India
    Title: Assistant Manager
    Department: Corporate Accounting Services
    Office: Delhi Office

  • Sahil Aggarwal , Alumna

    Country of Origin: India
    Title: Manager
    Department: International Business Advisory
    Office: New Delhi Office

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