World B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2021

Shanghai, China | January 12-15, 2021

Jan 13, 2021

CMO Worries - B2B Marketing Landscape Under New Normal 



2020 is definitely a different kind of “super year”!B2B marketers all experienced the test of pandemic. In this conference,we try to find what CMO worries in enterprise strategy, change of industry and human terms. How can the marketers survive and develop in marketing structure shift? What's change in branding and PR works? What's the new uncertainty in new marketing scenario for the post pandemic future and how to guarantee the effects?

According to our CMO speakers, they are fighting from high speed growth to sustainable growth in "new normal" situation:(1) New features and trends in 2021 marketing planning. (2) 2021 new logics of CMOs (3) Discussion about high frequency and low efficiency in digital construction. (4) New to do list in "new normal" situation. Of course, this time we will see more positive measures and new marketing logics and strategies. The theme of World B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2021 is “CMO Worries - B2B Marketing Landscape Under New Normal”!


Highlights 峰会亮点:

- 3 day congress with 10 prominent keynotes in Day 1 main conference and 64 plenary sessions in Day 2&3 with 8 sub-tracks of well-designed specifics in B2B Marketing.


- Great content with great speakers: 70+ B2B marketing KOLs. Over 95% speakers are director level from B2B party A company.


- Special track from the congress partner.

- 来自腾讯云|企点客服的专题实践分享(腾讯云|企点客服是服务营销一体化智能客服。通过微信公众号、小程序、QQ、网页、电话、APP等全渠道通路触达客群。以即时通讯、音视频、人工智能、大数据、云呼叫中心等技术帮助提升服务质量与客户忠诚度,以个性化服务和精准客户洞察撬动销售转化与复购增购,构建客户运营体系。极大提升了企业获客、待客、留客的效率,使客服部门从成本中心转变为利润中心。现已覆盖教育、泛互联网、金融、工业、能源等多个领域,超过十数万家企业和组织正在使用。)


8 sub-tracks include:

Track A: New Infrastructure | 营销新基建

Track B: DTC of B2B | 终端客户营销

Track C: IP Marketing | IP营销

Track D: CMO Worries | 2020 CMO之忧2020

Track E: Digital Construction | 数字化建设

Track F: Content & Creative Thinking | 内容&创新

Track G: Brand & PR | 品牌&公关

Track H: New Marketing Strategy 2022 | 营销新常态

For previous speakers’ video interview, please view the CONTNET100 website to watch more.


Event Contact Details:
E-mail: macs@consignindex.com

Phone: + 86 21 5631 3008


For more information, please visit the event page here.


Shanghai, China | January 12-15, 2021

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