Melissa Cyrill

Melissa manages Editorial and Research operations for Asia Briefing.

She works with respective Dezan Shira & Associates teams and Asia Briefing editors, design, marketing, and web development teams to produce internal and external-facing content of interest to foreign investors and multinational companies in Asia.

She manages the open-source and subscription publications on Asia Briefing platforms focused on the ASEAN, China, India, and Vietnam markets.

Melissa closely monitors the geopolitical and economic developments, legal, and regulatory changes across emerging Asian markets. In particular, she leads research and content production on doing business in South Asia, including pre-investment advisory, cross-market comparison, industry analyses, supply chain diversification, human resource management, and tax and legal compliance.

Prior to joining Dezan Shira, Melissa studied Politics and International Relations at Jawaharlal Nehru University, following it up with a PhD in Middle East politics, focused on the political economy of the GCC states. She is an avid contributor to academic publications on politics and diplomacy, strategy, migration studies, and foreign policy.

She is a native of Delhi, India.


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