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Create a Competitive Salary Package and Retention Strategy


On 5th September, Dezan Shira in collaboration with EUCCC Nanjing Chapter will co-host an HR seminar with on topic of Create a Competitive Salary Package and Retention Strategy.


Under the indeterminately (VUCA) external environment , the enterprise development strategy is changing all the time; the job responsibilities and job requirements are gradually getting more flexible and fuzzier; the ways in which employees create values are more diversified; the outcomes of employees’ value creation are no longer stable; the external market has further affected the income; the conflict of salary differences between fresh and old employees has become increasingly prominent; and the new generation of employees’ eagerness for growth and identification has become more and more stronger. This question poses a challenge of how the compensation incentive system can achieve dynamic adjustment and differentiation.

The way of maintaining, stimulating and attracting talents will determine the winners of 2020s, has your organization created a competitive salary package and talent retaining strategy to embrace the challenges from market?

In this session, you will learn:

I.   The hidden reasons why employees leave 员工流失的隐秘
II.  How can organizations optimize total compensation for talents 企业如何优化全面薪酬体系
III. Retaining strategies in competitive salary package 竞争性薪酬中的人才保留策略
IV.  Dynamic adjustment and differentiation are the two key factors of the compensation system competitiveness 动态调整、差异化是影响薪酬体系竞争性的两个重要因素
      a. Core Concepts: Dynamic Adjustment & Reasonable Differences 核心理念:动态调整、合理差异
      b. Core Concepts: Performance Bonus Strategy Selection Model (Reasonable Differences) 核心理念: 绩效奖金策略选择模型(合理差异)
      c. Core Concepts: Employee Career Development Mechanism (Dynamic Adjustment) 核心理念:员工职业发展机制(动态调整)



14:30-15:00 Registration
15:00-15:40 Presentation of session I - Ellen Yin from Dezan Shira & Associates
15:40-16:20 Presentation of session II - Sarah Ji from Sinoval Management Consulting Co.,Ltd
16:20-16:50 Q&A
16:50-17:00 Closing



Members: RMB 200 | Non-Members: RMB 400

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If any question, please contact: Phoebe Chen

Nanjing, China | 5th September 2019 | 3PM-5PM CST
Meeting Room 5, 7th Floor, Intercontinental Hotel, Nanjing 绿地洲际酒店7层5号会议室


  • Ellen Yin

    Title: Assistant Manager
    Department: Human Resources
    Office: Shanghai Office

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